Race and the college cheating scandal

Can we talk? As you may know, some high profile celebrities are involved in a college admissions scandal. Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky from Full House, her daughter, You Tube star, Olivia Jade, Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives fame and over forty others have been caught (on behalf of their children), cheating on the SAT’s, pretending to be Division I athletes, and donating large sums for admission to schools such as Yale, USC and Stanford to name a few. I’m not naïve enough to believe this hasn’t been going on for years. I know that George W was a C student, and wealth and legacy afford average students entry into prestigious universities. Ivy league schools traditionally only take about 3% of applicants. All of the legacies, the Trumps and your brilliant public school child go into the admission pool process. Regardless of whether or not your child deserved it more, it’s possible he or she will not be accepted in lieu of the family who can donate a new gym, or may be President one day. Yes, it’s an unfair process, but not a new one.

What’s really got my blood boiling is not the fact this has been going on for years. Are you kidding? I grew up in Manhattan, went to private school and saw it with my own eyes. I’m upset because there have been disgusting racist discussions about how black people and other minorities have unfairly taken away spots from white children, but never a discussion about white children, taking spots away from other white children. It’s way more comfortable to attack the black student who scored one point lower on the SATs, but had terrific grades and plays in the marching band. That’s the student who stole your child’s spot, not a Bush or a Trump or Aunt Becky’s kid. You’re not mad at them. You see, the anger has been so misplaced, affirmative action has been tainted and turned into a quota system instead of just a way to diversify and open up opportunities for all.

Newsflash folks, it’s the rich people who are “stealing” your spots. They’re giving the 500,000 donations, so their average children can go to USC. Where I might add, my brilliant sister attends and got there due to hard-ass work and talent. My sister is a success story, but then again to NOT accept her would have been the stupidest thing USC ever did. But, I digress. My sister deserves to be there, your daughter, Lori Loughlin does not.

The reason the FBI made an example of people like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman is because they’re expendable. Think Martha Stewart going to jail. The FBI wanted to show the world they’re doing something about this pay to play group. Yeah right. The upper crust will continue to benefit, while pointing the finger at people like my sister who “took” their kid’s spot. Nope, don’t even look at affirmative action. Your real problem is as simple as a look in the mirror.


Dear Parents, I’m writing to you again with a plea. Stop enabling your children. We have become a society where we are now justifying terrifying behaviors. A student who puts a gun sign to someone’s head is not merely doing a “hand gesture.” Yes, some of you are laughing right now. Who wouldn’t take such […]

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F**k You, Burberry.

I must confess, I don’t own one piece of Burberry. I’ve always been in love with the classic pattern and went into a store to look at the scarf everyone seems to have (real and faux), and cringed at the $750 price tag. This was years ago before Poshmark, Tradsey, The RealReal and other ways […]

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The Ugly Truth About Jussie Smollett

Okay, I’ll say it…Dang, Jussie! You let us all down. I hope we’re all wrong and of course we should let due process take its course, but Dang, Jussie! I’ll admit, I was and I’m still team Jussie. I love the entire Smollett family. The cookbook is dynamite, and the family for what it’s worth […]

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A Day in the Life of a Social Media Queen.

You wake up in the morning and check your Instagram immediately… Only to find out you’ve been Unfollowed by someone you make comments to religiously even though you’re really lying about how clever and cute they are… You only have 37 Likes on a post you know is killer, and some girl from with a […]

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What No One Will Tell You About Education

The struggle for happiness is something I have coped with for the last few years. If you can believe it, this issue has nothing to do with my Fibromyalgia. It’s about being disillusioned by my current career and the turn education has taken. I know, I know, first world problems, right? I’m not hungry, my […]

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7 Mind blowing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Okay guys, we’re coming up on a very important gift giving holiday. It’s called Valentine’s Day. Now some of you may say, “We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore, we’ve been together for years.” Well, I’m here to tell you, even if you’ve been married for a week or thirty years, a romantic holiday should […]

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Put the FAKE BAG down!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with fake designer bags. I’ve always been superficial (I’ll admit it). Even if I had the best looking designer imposter, (one even an expert would have to scrutinize), I would still know. I would not be able to strut around as confidently if my Gucci “G’s” were upside down. I watched […]

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Why The Ugly Truth Will Set You Free

When Target introduced their designer lines for Target (i.e. Lilly Pulitzer for Target), I should have been excited. I love designer clothes and handbags; I love Target but…. Designers for Target? In my mind, these are two great things that should never be paired. In the 80’s, Jordache Jeans were hot commodities. If you weren’t […]

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A Brutally Honest Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, Teachers and staff do not want to call you and report negative information about your student unless they have literally and figuratively tried everything to work with your child. When a teacher calls you, they expect your full support, not an argument or justification on why it’s okay to hit another student or […]

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