Readers Pick of the Month: Inside Out by Demi Moore

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to know what happened to Demi Moore. As an 80’s kid, she was one of my favorite actors and when she moved into the meaty roles of A Few Good Men and GI Jane, she became my girl crush. I loved her raspy voice, her fashion sense and her amicable divorce from Bruce Willis. She seemed like the kind of girl who would still make eye contact with you, and treat you like you a person. I have no basis for this assumption, just a feeling. When she married Ashton Kutcher, I was a little skeptical but still feeling the soul sister vibe since – I’m also older than my husband. I’ve always been Team Demi and when her book was finally released, I downloaded it with anticipation.

What I learned about Demi was heartbreaking. I won’t spoil the book for you, but let’s just say her upbringing was TOUGH. This was not a childhood of puppy dogs and rainbows, but a cycle of abuse and toxicity that could destroy even the strongest of women. I felt like Demi was open and honest. Laying blame on herself when pertinent, but describing the heinous situation in full detail without apologies.

What really resonated with me had a lot to do with her relationship with her girls and her ex-husband’s, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. I could absolutely relate to having issues with my daughters and hoping their father would step in and help me mediate. Often times the silence was deafening and I was left to fend for myself without much help from my ex. The same thing happened to Demi. She would often look to Bruce, as a source of comrade-in-arms. Unfortunately, co-parenting doesn’t always live up to its name. Somehow, and sadly it doesn’t matter how famous you are, or rich you may be. The same shit happens to all of us. We ALL get our hearts trampled on.

When Demi married Ashton, I felt that. I’m eight years older than my husband, and there were times when I knew people questioned our age gap. Demi was 40 and Ashton, 25 – so there was a bigger discrepancy in age and I remember thinking those two are going to defy the odds. Of course they didn’t. Ashton may have jumped into something he wasn’t quite ready for. I know what it’s like to try and keep up with a younger husband, to want to be “cool”, to want to prove everyone wrong. I’m lucky, I was able to finally be open and honest in my relationship but not after going through some seriously hard times. Sadly, for Demi, Ashton put her through the wringer before finally ending the relationship.

I think Demi’s story was beautiful and raw. Anyone who has suffered through a divorce, addiction, abuse, fame, or the trials and tribulations of parenting will find a golden nugget in her story. I recommend reading this book, or listening to it on Audible (Demi is the narrator). Let me know your thoughts!

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