My Very First Interaction with Louis V

No, Louis V was not my college boyfriend, although if I was born in France in the 1800’s, I may have tried. Louis Vuitton was a discovery I made in high school. This may seem a little late for all you watchers of Gossip Girl, and other portrayals of kids growing up in Manhattan. I did grow up in Manhattan, I did attend a prep school. So why was I so far behind in handbags and couture? It was a different time! Preppy was the way of the 80’s. Muffy would not have carried a Louis! She carried a Pappagallo bag, or something from L.L. Bean. We all wore Lacoste, Bean Mocs and pearls. Monograms were it. This was before hot-stamp, everything was embroidered.

But, I digress. It was during my senior year my head started to turn when I walked the streets of my hometown. The bag was so….sophisticated. I even went to a hippie liberal arts college and still longed for a Louis. Well, dreams do come true. I finally got my hands on my first Speedy 25. I was shocked to find out there wasn’t a pocket, a zippered pouch, a compartment inside…nothing! The bags still don’t have anything in them. YOU have to buy a felt organizer to put into the bag. I didn’t care. My love affair has continued with Louis for close to thirty years and I’m not ashamed of it. Even when Carrie Bradshaw steered us towards Dior (who didn’t own a Dior Saddle Bag?), I was still true to Louis. I have expanded my horizons, as you’ll see on my blog. Who can resist Gucci or Chloe? But my heart belongs to Louis V.

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