The Yoga Journey

So how did the yoga journey begin? About eighteen years ago in Boca Raton, Florida. My maid of honor and I decided to try a yoga class with another girlfriend. I remember hating it! My friends said their skin sagged in the mirror, I was bored and probably not ready for the class and it just wasn’t FUN.

The second part of the journey started after I was diagnosed with Fibro and had a hard time with walking and pain. I made a New Years Resolution (which I broke), that I would start doing yoga and firm up this mom bod! Without naming the program, I wasn’t thrilled with the choices or teachers. It was kind of dry in my opinion and I stopped.

You’ll be thrilled to know the third time was a charm. I stumbled upon a Groupon one day (don’t you love those), and said, “What the heck, it’s fifteen dollars, what have you got to lose?” Lose? I had everything to gain! The functionality of the @the_yogacollective site is unreal. I am not being paid to comment on this. It’s my opinion. First of all, there are a bunch of different times to practice. I swear there’s a class if you only have¬†six minutes free. I am super busy, as you are too. I can’t make it to a studio on the reg! I have time at 5am…that’s it! I know myself too well, and after work I just want to make dinner and hang with my family. I believe this is what made it stick for me. I love the diversity of the classes. Some of the instructors are funny, some are more serious. There are recipes and chair yoga on there! No joke. Anyone can do this. I was beyond stressed this week with Hurricane Florence bearing down on my area. I took classes in the mornings, and I felt so much better. This works for me.

Now, my bestie went on a yoga retreat in Thailand. I’m not ready for that yet, but someday!



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