What’s Eating You?

I was 34 and living in Florida when I had my fifth (and last) child. Apparently I was trying to repopulate the world. But seriously, for years I bounced back right after childbirth. Of course breast feeding helped with a few pounds, but it’s almost as if my body knew what it was supposed to look like. Somewhere around 35, my body began to change. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted (you’ve heard that one before, but pinky swear it was true).

Suddenly something happened around my mid section. I literally gained twenty pounds overnight. Well maybe it was a little longer but suddenly I was buying the bigger size and I was uncomfortable in my skin. I love candy, so clearly sugar was a big part of my demise. I began a series of different programs, such as Weight Watchers, and Jenny. Honestly, they work well and I lost a bunch of weight, but I was still eating high sodium, and sugary things just watching my portion control. Exercise? What exercise? I lost but I didn’t FEEL good.

Fast forward and I took a principalship in North Carolina. I fully underestimated the stress I would go through, between the steep learning curve, moving to a new city and leaving my parents, friends and job I loved. I began to suffer from severe pain in my feet and hands. I couldn’t walk long distances, I could barely write, I cried non-stop from pain, I began to breakdown. My best friend flew up and didn’t recognize me. I was a hot mess. Both my husband and my BFF had to talk me off the ledge for weeks. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Wow, not what I was expecting but a diagnosis helped me get control of the pain and now I had to get control of my mind and body.

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