On my Instagram page, I often refer to myself as Keto-Ish. Most hard core Keto followers would probably kill me if I tried to weigh in on their blogs or Facebook groups, but for me it’s difficult to be a diehard when there are so many aspects of eating low-carb and healthy.

There are features of The Plant Paradox I really believe in. I’ve survived and actually enjoyed this type of eating. Lectin-free is pretty amazing and has great results, so I do try and incorporate a lectin-free diet. I really try to avoid gluten and sugar (and you know I love candy), but there are times when I’m human. I’ve broken down on vacation or when the pizza looked too cheesy, melty and hot to resist. However, my husband and I just get back on the wagon and keep it moving. I can’t punish myself every time I break down, although I must confess I have tried a variety of keto desserts and it’s been a little hopeless. Maybe you guys have some ideas? I’ve been trying to curb my sweet tooth with an ounce of dark chocolate (as recommend by Dr. G. of Plant Paradox fame).

Check out my Chicken Club Hand Pies-recipe courtesy of Maria Emmerich, Keto Comfort Foods.

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