When You’re Feeling Meh

I’m pretty sure my Instafam is sick of me preaching about Yoga, and the benefits of this workout specifically designated for you. I hesitate to even use the word “workout” because this can channel all different types of PTSD, from when your parents sent you to weight loss camp, or the boot-camp regiment you were on while on the grapefruit diet.

Of course you do have a cardio piece in there, but you become more flexible, toned, strong and you just FEEL good. Stress seems to fall to the wayside after a few minutes. There are many programs to choose from, and you may say, “I don’t have time,” ” It won’t help me,” “It’s too expensive,” “I can’t leave the house.” Most programs are available on YouTube, the Internet, Public Broadcasting or on DVD. I know, I keep promoting The Yoga Collective but only because this web-based class model kept me engaged and did not cost me an arm and a leg.

You already know I love to spend, but often I buy the biggest and best only to drop it in a month! I started with a Groupon, and if there’s still one left, BUY IT! I also treated myself to a cute mat, blocks and a strap. All available on Amazon in a couple of days, especially if you have Prime (but that’s a whole other article).

Check these out! Perfect for beginners and people who like fun colors!


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