Meal Replacement Challenge

It’s ironic on Yom Kippur to write a post about meal replacement, but there’s no time like the present. I mentioned in my Instagram post that I felt, “Juicy.” This is a term I heard many years ago from my friend, Melissa and it always stuck with me, because when I’m feeling squishy it’s time to do something. As previously mentioned, I’ve been doing yoga consistently, and while this helps me tone, de-stress and become more agile there’s still a tiny thing called FOOD. And, you know I’m an avid juicer, so I was substituting breakfast with juice, essentially a kale tonic.

I wondered…could I do this for lunch as well and then have a “sensible dinner?” I survived day one, and I didn’t take anyone’s head off, so I consider that a win. Day two is off to a healthy start. I went with a Dr. G (of The Plant Paradox) green smoothie. I can’t fast due to my Fibro and medication, so in many ways this is a happy medium.

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2 thoughts on “Meal Replacement Challenge

  1. I’m so happy to see your blog is out there for the world to check out. If people see 1% of the charm, wit, and kindness I get to see on a daily basis, they’ll be blown away.

    Here’s to the start of something exciting!!!

    I love you TOO much!

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