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My obsession with tumblers started a while ago. First it was Tervis and Bubba. The colors, the coolness, the Key West Tervis Store! I love my drinks icy cold and my hot drinks, scalding. These tumblers were good, but had a temperature time limit. In Tervis’ defense they may have new technology at this point, but I haven’t really tried since discovering the Yeti. A friend of mine is an avid boater, and when she showed up to work with a gleaming silver Yeti, my eyes almost popped out of my head. What was this…this…goddess of a cup called and what did it do? After learning it kept drinks both icy and scalding I ran out to West Marine and bought two (because I had to buy one for my husband). That’s when I discovered the magic and turned anyone who could be turned into a Yeti lover.

Suddenly there were no substitutes, I wanted twelve hours of cold, and if the cup couldn’t deliver, it was tossed. I began to discover other stainless steel water bottles and tumblers. Let’s be frank, you can’t throw a Yeti tumbler into your bag, but a Corksicle, that works and soothed my preppy heart with a cute monogram. My newest obsession? The Lilly Pulitzer Swell Water Bottle (monogrammed of course) I’ve become one of those people I always hated. The ones who always have a cup, tumbler or environmentally friendly water bottle in their hands. Yoga, can help you develop quite a thirst, and drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated, healthy and kind of full. Think of treating yourself to a decent water bottle or tumbler as a component to good health and nutrition. You may even give up soda!

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