Craving a Sub? I Got You Covered!

One of the main reasons people are hard pressed to begin a “diet” is they are afraid of being hungry! Or as the kids say, haanngry! This is a legitimate notion, as calorie counting or eating a ton of “lite” foods with synthetic fillers will never get you through the next hour or two. I know when I use “fat free,” I’ve saved on calories but added to my toxic intake. That’s why I love stumbling upon great cookbooks, blogs and Instagram pages! I have lunch for the week and I can add on or take off as I please! All I needed was a good idea, courtesy of I love a good sub, but obviously I’m trying to steer clear of bread. Enter the Inside Out Italian Sub. All of my favorite Italian ingredients (minus the onions because I do have to breathe on people), and I’m in heaven. The cool thing is you can make any “sub” like this and/or turn into a salad by throwing some lettuce underneath. I’m pretty stoked!


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