The Gym Wrap

I must confess, I am the person most advertisements cater to. I am the queen of the impulse purchase. I love “As Seen on TV,” and usually grab tons of items at the grocery checkout. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but this time I WON!!! As previously discussed there are so many women (and maybe even some men), who do not want to sweat out their hair! You know, you take an exercise class and come out puffy, saturated and feeling like Quasimodo after you paid fifty bucks for a blow out two days ago? The Gym Wrap┬ástops the nightmare from happening. I used it during Yoga this morning and my forehead and edges were nice and cool. I’m a sweater (not the comfy cashmere kind). I drip, I have the sweat mustache, it’s not cute. For the first time in a while, sweat was not dripping down my face! I also read it’s great for night sweats, which I’m also having an issue with. For the price it’s a great investment. It comes in so many cool colors. If you’ve been avoiding working out because of your hair, I say give this little gem a try. It may change your life.


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2 thoughts on “The Gym Wrap

  1. Love the suggestion about wearing it for night sweats. I wish I had one for my whole body! Let us know if you come across something like that or even sheets that help. Menopause can suck it!!

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