A Jewish Girl Resurrects The Bagel

Bagels were a staple in my life since basically birth. I think I came out of the womb and my grandmother handed me a bagel. Bagels could be used in various situations growing up. Yom Kippur was laden with a large variation of bagels, served along side a dairy meal. You don’t want to get yourself sick gorging on food after a day of fasting, hence the dairy meal. I think this rule may have been written at a different time, before we couldn’t go less than two hours without snacking. There were Lenders, the answer to the Jewish Pop tart. Imagine my great happiness when I was seven and could eat a bagel whenever I wanted! The now defunct H & H Bagels, which served as a warm treat on a Saturday morning in Manhattan, or pick me up on the walk to school. Now there’s Panera and other chains, which are great for catering or supplying the staff with breakfast bagels.

I didn’t count on how much I would miss my bagels, when I began this journey. I buy bagels almost every week and bring them to meetings. I usually watch others partake, and pretend my Kale Tonic has alcohol in it. Don’t get me wrong, there have been gluten free and Keto bagels lounging around but they didn’t look appetizing. I woke up this morning encouraged by a post on a friend’s Instagram page. It was of an avocado, with Everything Bagel (from Trader Joe’s) seasoning on it. I began to drool incessantly. Everything Bagel is my all time favorite bagel. I went on a mission. I’m pretty sure I baked the most delicious Keto bagel ever (if I do say so myself). I reveled in the smooth cream cheese and tasty bits of poppy, sesame, salt and garlic. I’m starting to realize there are substitutes for everything out there. Don’t sabotage your own journey because you have to give up bagels, or cookies or cake. I’ve linked some great finds, if you’re in need of more info on how to quell the cravings. I love to own cookbooks but Pinterest is another great place to access recipes. What are you craving lately and what was your solution?



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