Chrissy Teigen…Yes, I’m Obsessed.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with Chrissy Teigen ( I hear we have been mispronouncing her last name for years, who knew?). I bought her first cookbook, Cravings and was immediately smitten with literally every recipe. Chrissy even managed to make greenbeans into a sweet and salty affair! When her second cookbook, Hungry for More surfaced, I pre-ordered it, giddy like a child on Christmas day. Once it arrived, I poured over it like it was the Torah. I bookmarked all of the recipes I wanted to make immediately. Since I’m really trying to watch my gluten and sugar intake, I was excited to see cauliflower rice recipes, fish and hearty meals that can be modified or for those following a Keto regiment or any other lectin-free, gluten or sugar free diet.

I was an avid camper as a child. I went to sleep-away camp for a million years and by now I’m pretty over camping. I’d rather “Glamp.” However, I almost giggled when I saw a recipe for Hobo Dinners. This recipe brings back all of the fun stuff I loved about camping- singing songs, sleeping under the stars, hanging with my friends and even getting sprayed by a skunk! It was so much fun to get a ball of chopped meat, grab veggies of your choice and toss it into the fire until it was a juicy, delicious concoction. Oh the joy of opening up the foil and finally getting to chow down! Somehow camping always made us EXTRA hannngrry. Chrissy’s recipe delivers the goods! It’s so succulent, I wanted to eat two hobo dinners but I contained myself. I did substitute sweet potato for regular potato, which works better for me in my attempt to be lectin-free. My husband said it was amazing. Trust me, this cookbook is a good find! I’ve included a link below.

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7 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen…Yes, I’m Obsessed.

  1. You’ve inspired me to pick up one of Chrissy’s books! I’ve always seen her food posts here and there but now I think I might actually get one and try some of that delicious looking food! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Now, you’ve got me intrigued to read one of her cookbooks! 😀 I didn’t even know she wrote cookbooks! She has turned out to be much more fascinating than I would have ever expected. Thanks for deepening my intrigue. 🙌🏾

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