Who Doesn’t Love a Bento Box?

Behold…The Bento Box

No time to plan? Busy with work and mom duties? I got you covered.


When you want to make healthy lunches, and be the coolest person in the cafeteria, it is highly recommended that you use containers with multiple compartments. Also known as Bento boxes, these lunch boxes allow you to automatically control your portions, make it easier to prepare a well-balanced meal, and can be used for meal prep and planning. One good lunch box to use is the 3 compartment lunch box by EasyLunchboxes. I use those and LunchBots, which are silver and futuristic.

The best part about EasyLunchboxes is, you actually get a set of 4, so you can pack several days’ worth of lunches over the weekend, and have everything ready to go each day. You don’t have to get up early and make your lunch for work or school beforehand. If you have kids, these are perfect for using for school or for snacks when they get home.

What I love about this set is that each container is a different color. So why not assign one color per child or family member. A great way to ensure no-one takes the wrong lunch to work or school. (I call Pink!!!)

The EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment lunch box containers are kid-friendly and easy to open. However, keep in mind this means the lids are not leak-proof. You still need to make sure these are kept in an upright position in the lunch box or lunch bag. If you are going to have anything runny or dressings in the lunch, put them in small separate containers. I learned a neat hack of lining the bento box with cupcake liners.

These lunch boxes are perfect when you have a hard time putting the right portion sizes in your lunch (or dinner). You can put one food item in each compartment and know exactly how much you need. If you are on the lazier side, you don’t need to get out your portion baggies or boxes, weigh your food, or put everything in a measuring cup beforehand.

The best way to pack a healthy lunch is to use the larger compartment for your protein, and the two smaller compartments for the side dishes, such as fruits, vegetables, or grains. Roll up some turkey and cheese, cut up Applegate hot dogs, throw in your dinner leftovers and sides or salad, protein and sides.

Another major benefit to these lunch boxes is that you get a lot for a small cost. There are four containers in total for less than $20. These are compact and easy to store in your cabinet, but also small enough to store in your refrigerator or freeze if you are meal prepping with them. They are safe for the freezer, dishwasher, and even the microwave if you need to heat up what is inside for your lunch and they’re BPA-free! Win-win!


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