The New Lazy Girl

The New “Lazy Girl”

Do you consider yourself lazy? Of course you don’t! You’re anything BUT lazy. You’re a stay at home mom. You work outside of the home (like me), and in a crazy stressful demanding career (like me). You may be caring for ailing relatives and trying to work a full-time job. Maybe you’re severely pinching pennies (been there) and can’t run around town shopping, going to the gym, and making elaborate fancy meals.

The new lazy girl is someone like me, who doesn’t have time to go to a yoga studio, for various reasons. I’m a high school principal (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times before LOL), and I’m DEAD when I get home. I want to chill with a glass of wine, put my feet up and watch the news. I want to catch up with my family and get dinner ready. I am not about to stop off anywhere besides the grocery store if I have to stop. My only free time is BEFORE work, which is why I really sell the idea of online yoga classes.

Most of the time, I have food prepped and ready to be dropped into the Instant Pot, hence another way to make the most of my time in the evening. If you forget to take out frozen chicken in the morning, dinner is not ruined! The Instant Pot will cook the chicken as if it’s defrosted. There are other brands of pressure cookers on the market and I am in no way beholden to IP but when I say I’ve tried them all…I’ve tried them all. Go with the IP and you’re welcome.

The ideas mentioned also work for a new mom or mom with young children at home. The Yoga Collective classes with your child. The cooler side of Mommy and Me! You don’t have to leave the house and trust me, I think you’ll have a good time getting into shape. If this appeals to you, check The Yoga Collective and you’ll see all of the baby and me classes on their site. This membership is so inexpensive, and helpful for the mind, body and soul…you’ll become a diehard! Use my code for a a 7-day FREE trial membership and only 3.99 a month to join! use code Yoga4life and enjoy!

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