The Handbag Dilemma

Yes, there IS such a thing as BAG Dilemma
This may be the most pretentious thing I’ve ever written, but I’m actually in a bag dilemma, a real handbag crisis. It’s no secret that I work my ass off, so every year I treat myself to a handbag I’ve been eyeing for a while. I have been salivating over the Goyard Tote for two years, ever since that fateful day I saw a young Millennial at brunch with her girlfriends, and her two-thousand-dollar bag ON THE FLOOR!!! I wanted to rescue the poor bag, and show it some real love but the darn thing had her initials on it. Anyway, I have watched countless videos since then and have witnessed quite a few Goyard bags with wear and tear on the bottom and edges. Seriously? This has given me pause.

As a Louis Vuitton fan, I can’t believe I don’t have a Never Full…but I don’t have a Never Full! This tote seems timeless and ready to do some heavy lifting but in true first world problems, isn’t it a little too trendy? I mean everyone seems to have it. And if everyone has it, then is it all that desirable? I think that’s what drew me to the Goyard, it was so new (to me) and did not seem to be trending in MY circles. Both bags seem to be gaining in popularity lately, and now I’m just confused.

I need to know what’s out there! I’ve done the Prada thing, I was kind of into Gucci for a while but I need something that is sturdy (I’m kind of hard on bags), and deserving of my blood, sweat and tears. I’m not going to lie, after she was done with my exam my neurologist and I talked about the new design for YSL, the beautiful new direction the house has taken and the YSL outlet I need to go to. I’ve just gotten into YSL and everything I want is way over my price range.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not above The Real Real, Tradsey or of course Poshmark, where I’m an ambassador but these bags hold their value! Anyone want to weigh in on the bag of the year? What’s in your closet? I’d love to hear your opinions and comments!

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    1. I used to love Coach as well, but then I got bored of it. I think you need to treat yourself to a new bag for sure, out of your wheelhouse 😉

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