Can I Reinvent Myself? It’s Never Too Late.

Can I reinvent myself? Am I too old? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? I have. We have all heard of the 80 year-old who got her Masters, the actor who finally made it at age 36, the entrepreneur who finally got that kick starter money to fund an amazing project.

However, these people seem few and far between don’t they? When you tell your friends and family you want to blog for a living, there’s usually a look of incredulousness. What IS blogging? Are you really going to leave your very lucrative job to take a chance on blogging?

Now as odd as that sounds, I knew a woman whose husband left her for a younger colleague where he worked. Unfortunately, what’s new? This type of thing happens a thousand times a day. The mom of three was a stay at home mom, who hadn’t been in the work force in years and graduated from college in the late 60’s. Not only were we coming into a very techy time but being out of the work force for too long is a killer. I don’t have to tell you, her soon to be ex-husband decided to play with money. Suddenly, he had none! I’m trying to figure out why judges are still falling for THAT one but I digress. The woman decided she was going to go to law school and become a lawyer. She didn’t want his money, she wanted to be self sufficient. Of course her family and friends tried to talk her out of it. Law school is so difficult, you won’t pass the Bar, you’re too old, you won’t get hired and it will all be a waste of money. Way to be supportive! Guess what? She reinvented herself, went to law school, got hired on as an associate and retired as a junior partner of a New York City law firm. Impressed? I was.

I have always loved to write, fiction, non-fiction, papers, you name it. It’s only recently that I began to find my edge again and began to write full-time. So, some important information. I’m going to be fifty, I should be at the tail end of my career in education and should be happy with where I am in life. I agree, I did well. I went from teacher, all the way up the ladder to principal. But, it’s not enough. I’m lucky, my husband and family fully support my dream, but what if you don’t have support? Do you walk away? Give up? Isn’t there a saying, “If you do what you love, the money will follow?” You get one chance to live this life, should you spend it miserably? My answer is, “No.” It’s never to late to be the person you want to be, should be or ought to be. Take control, dive in and do this! Regrets are the single most popular item of discussion in most nursing homes. Who do you want to be when your grow up?

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