10 Cool Time Pieces You Need to Check Out

Looking at my Gucci it’s about that Time!

Watches are fashion statements, fitness trackers, mini computers, and trendier as ever. When I was growing up in the 80’s everyone had to have a Swatch Watch. A cool plastic watch, which came in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. The hip thing to do, was stack two or more watches on one wrist, being careful to make sure the patterns completely clashed.

And suddenly…Swatches were gone! The watches were resurrected (at least in Boca Raton), for a hot little minute but the store closed down. You will be pleased to know I did buy one and it’s an adorable white, wrap watch.

Nevertheless, all good plastic watches come to an end in favor of a more sophisticated look. When I was in high school, my friend Hayley introduced the friend group to Movado. Her parents were very cool and I’m not sure if they were aware of their effect on us but we were all asking for Movado watches. Never mind it was a 400-dollar watch back then, but it WAS New York City. We all had to be rocking the latest look. When my mother of pearl faced Movado found its way onto my wrist for the very first time, you couldn’t talk to me.

While I’ll always have a soft spot for Movado, there are others who have snaked their way around my heart. My first really valuable watch was a Cartier Tank, a real investment piece. I treasured that watch, but ended up pawning it to pay my divorce lawyer (shit happens).

As I scroll through Poshmark, and sites such as Fashionphile and The Real Real, I’m getting a real Gucci vibe. Where have I been? The designs are so creative and they make a terrific statement. If you haven’t checked out Gucci, you’re going to be pretty surprised. Honestly, I don’t think Gucci can be compared to Rolex, so let’s not go there. This is about trends that are actually affordable and possible. Remember when I mentioned investment pieces?

Rose gold pieces are still hanging in there and of course you’ll never go wrong without your trusty Apple Watch (but can you really wear that to a formal event?). My recommendations for fun and affordable are:

  1. Gucci
  2. Chanel
  3. Movado
  4. Michelle
  5. Michael Kors
  6. Tiffany
  7. Tory Burch
  8. MVMT
  9. “Boyfriend Watches”
  10. Apple

What’s your favorite time piece? Any cool recommendations not mentioned?


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4 thoughts on “10 Cool Time Pieces You Need to Check Out

  1. Hey Sydney!

    My current go-to watch is my Rose Gold Fossil watch. It’s super classy with diamonds. I’m actually looking to add a sterling silver watch to my collection. I’m still on the fence of joining the Apple Watch Gang

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