Why Black Friday Let Me Down

Can someone please tell me what happened to Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I already have a big screen TV, a computer and a cell phone, so what did I have to gain? Did I miss something? My daughter and I hit the mall, with promises of major deals. Yes, the Gap and Old Navy had a 50% off of the entire store thing going on. Not bad, except I had a 50% scratch off coupon from the Gap two weeks before, so the excitement just wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Gap but it’s so normal. I wanted to tear through Lilly Pulitzer, throwing items over my arm and singing as I saved money. Nope. No sale, except for the stuff in a corner that already was on sale, but that was just a coincidence. I did get a Lilly Pulitzer pillow with my purchase, which I must confess I did love but where was the savings? Pink and Blue had buy one full price, get 50 or 60 percent off but that isn’t an event. We didn’t get one thing on sale at H and M and it wasn’t for lack of trying. There were like two items on sale in the entire store and neither one of them were desirable.

I remember a time of door busters and kitchen appliances you actually wanted. Is there any fun in an item that was 69.95 and is now 59.95? Sure there’s a saving but is it significant enough to really call it a score? Before I went out shopping, I read an article from Forbes siting Kohl’s as having the best deals and the place to be for Black Friday. Huh? I think they tripled their prices so it would look like a sale. I actually saw an Instant Pot for 169.99 ON SALE! Yes, there’s always Kohl’s Kash but I didn’t see a legitimate way to earn it. If you’re going to require people to leave their families on Thanksgiving, make it worth everyone’s while. Or better yet, keep stores closed and allow people to experience the entire day and evening of Thanksgiving!

Cyber Monday was another bust for me. Amazon seemed like it was looking to unload a bunch of schlock. By now, everyone has a Dot, can summon Alexa and owns a Fire Stick, and who really wants the Paper White Kindle anyway? Hey Jeff Bezos, stop acting like you’re giving away something really clever. Been there done that. Well, I guess I could have bought a TV, computer or cell phone. QVC was advertising good ole Six Easy Pays. I love an easy pay but this happens all year long! What about slashed prices and easy pay? Is that too much to ask? Target was just as bad and that’s one of the happiest places on earth. Video games for expensive game systems were still 59.99 and up. I think I saw one game on my son’s list for over 75.00! What gives? Aren’t games supposed to dwindle down to 39.99 so we can buy more than one game?

I don’t know, maybe I’m jaded and expect too much, but I’ve been less and less excited as the years pass. Black Friday has become just a regular shopping day, in my book. What’s your experience? I’d love to hear your comments. Maybe I missed something? Maybe I’m a spoiled little brat.

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