Help! My Body Has Betrayed Me!

Have you ever felt like your body is betraying you? I know I have just turned fifty (have you heard?), but my body began doing things on its own around thirty-five. I’ve had five kids; I shouldn’t complain but the first four times I bounced back pretty easily. I ate what I wanted, although I wasn’t much of a wine aficionado like I am now, I was a regular dessert eater and exercised when I felt like it. I was a size four to six and fine with it. Then I had my fifth child. I dropped the baby weight pretty quickly but…I developed something I never had before. A stomach which was soft and plump. Alright, I hear you! I should have cut myself a break, I just had a baby but this was different. I’d heard about girls in my circle having liposuction and other treatments to remove belly fat, but that seemed too scary. Year after year I began to climb in size. Nothing too alarming but the size four and six clothes were wayyyy in my back mirror.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia four years ago, but before that, I went through a horrible autoimmune hive condition, where it was discovered I am actually allergic to myself. Seriously??? It got so out of hand my throat closed up and I ended up in the emergency room for an adrenaline shot. Easily one of the worst and most painful moments ever. I was put on a series of steroid treatments, which caused me to blow up. Once the condition went into remission, I slowly dropped the weight but I was never the same.

My husband and I definitely noticed we could not eat the way we wanted to. I tried Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig, he tried just not eating. I finally came to the conclusion I had to get control. I began to shop for and eat more organically. Eating organically is way more expensive if you shop at the local markets but there are tons of online stores, which are less expensive.  I joined various Keto and Paleo groups on Facebook for ideas, read lots of books on nutrition and came to the conclusion there are no easy answers but I just wanted to eat well. Considering my issues, I try to stay away from dyes and synthetic ingredients. I would rather have a dash of something wholesome, rather than food stuffed with fillers and excessive sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for Dairy Queen but all in moderation.

I also began to do yoga. I think yoga is great way to meditate and work out at the same time. It’s a de-stressor and keeps you toned and strong. I highly recommend yoga to my Fibro Tribe, you can literally sit in a chair and do yoga, it’s very personal. The truth is, I’m not going to the gym. I don’t want to. I hate running and I’ll probably throw my back out doing any other high impact sport (with the exception of swimming, but I’m not getting my hair wet!). The point is, when your body betrays you, you have to go into combat mode. Don’t let your body get the best of you. Start out small, get rid of soda and take a walk every night. Try ten minutes of yoga and then increase. There are no rules and never let anyone shame you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with. I’ve included a link for an amazing deal with The Yoga Collective if you don’t want to and can’t get out of the house. What’s your experience with your body? Have you ever felt betrayed? use code Yoga4Life

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