My Top 5 DesignerHandbag Picks for 2019

I know, I know, it’s after Christmas and eons after Chanukah. My birthday has passed and the only thing left this year is a possible Valentine’s Day token, since I can’t really ask for a Passover gift. Call me a monster, call me shallow but I’m getting my list together…just in case my husband wants to surprise me, or I win the lottery or I just suck it up and treat myself (which I’ve been known to do, but aren’t presents more fun?). Here’s my list and why for 2019.

  • Christian Dior Book Tote-First of all you’ve hooked me if the word “book” is in the name. The idea of carrying my IPad, or a paperback, some magazines and my beloved Lilly Pulitzer water bottle in this bag sends me into fits of excitement. Customize it, and I’m completely smitten.
Christian Dior Book Tote
  • YSL Lou Lou Chevron Leather Shoulder Bag-If you follow me on Instagram you KNOW how obsessed I’ve been with this bag and I think it’s fair to say I didn’t get one. The soft leather, the roomy interior and the sleek and modern look of this bag has me yearning. If I could only own one day to night bag for 2019, it would be this one.
YSL Lou Lou
  • The Balenciaga Silver City S-I usually love a tote, but this bag is third on my list as a must have staple. Soft and comfortable to carry around, (it’s light). It’s not an overly sophisticated, structured bag but has a slouchy, feel with the ability to use handles or a shoulder strap. Yes, please!!
Balenciaga Silver City
  • Chanel Classic Flap-I don’t care what size, this is a classic day or night bag, which you can have for years, pass it down, or even sell for a decent price if you wanted to. Black is the color and the large would be ideal, but I’m not greedy. I’m flexible.
Chanel Classic Flap
  • Hermes Birkin Bag-This bag has been on my list FOREVER! Of course through various sites like Tradesy, TheRealReal and Poshmark this bag used is not that difficult to come by. Who wouldn’t love to get a brand new one, while vacationing in France? Although one of my friend’s from high school (shout out to Amelia), said the Birkin is too heavy, this bag is my I HAVE MADE IT handbag. When I buy this bag I will know I have done something right. It may only come out for special occasions, but it will be my sign.
Hermes Birkin Bag

What are your top wants, needs and desires? Comments are always welcome and encouraged.

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