Put the FAKE BAG down!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with fake designer bags. I’ve always been superficial (I’ll admit it). Even if I had the best looking designer imposter, (one even an expert would have to scrutinize), I would still know. I would not be able to strut around as confidently if my Gucci “G’s” were upside down. I watched a You Tube video of an adorable boy, who was duped by a resale site, paying $3000.00 for what was obviously a fake Louis Vuitton backpack. My questions begin with, “Why wouldn’t you go to the Louis Vuitton store, if you have $3000.00 to spend on a bag?” “If I could tell it was a fake from my cell phone, why couldn’t you tell before you dropped a wad of cash?” “Why didn’t you check the Louis Vuitton retail site, which clearly shows the style does not exist?” Perhaps this was a ploy for more viewers? Perhaps the vlogger really was taken advantage of. The point is, it sucks to carry a fake, and being outed is even worse.

When I bought my Speedy 35, I unfortunately had to bear witness to the humiliating unveiling of a wallet, which was clearly fake from three feet away, but the poor man had no idea. He was promptly told, “That wallet is not real,” and had to slink out of the Louis Vuitton store, with the appendage clearly still in his hand.

For what it’s worth, I prefer to own a decent Tory Burch or Michael Kors, then to sneak up a set of staircases in lower Manhattan, and come out with a faux Chanel. Getting into the designer bag world doesn’t come cheap or easy. I had someone comment on my blog, “There’s no bag worth a thousand dollars.” It took everything I had not to post a snarky reply; I held my tongue. A thousand for a designer purse? Where? That’s practically a blue light special.

I have a couple of ideas marinating.

1. Should you carry a faux designer purse?

The answer is, “No.” There are too many beautiful bags out there to walk around with an imposter.

2. How can you keep from falling prey to buying a fake?

Sites which authenticate bags over five hundred dollars, are forced to reimburse you if the bag isn’t real. Poshmark, is a great site. I sell items on Poshmark, but I also buy items. It took them over a week to authenticate a Louis Vuitton I bought, and I was thankful. Fashionphile and The RealReal are reliable sites to purchase on, in my opinion.  Their standards are high, and they’re less likely to risk a downfall in their reputation, in order to sell a shitty knock off.

I have several posts on my Pinterest page, which can help you figure out how to spot a fake. https://www.pinterest.com/sydneycsays/

The decision to buy an expensive, luxury handbag is a big endeavor. Don’t get roped into a “too good to be true” purchase. Take your time, do your research, don’t settle for a fake, hoping you’re going to get away with it, because you won’t.

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