Dear Parents,

I’m writing to you again with a plea. Stop enabling your children. We have become a society where we are now justifying terrifying behaviors. A student who puts a gun sign to someone’s head is not merely doing a “hand gesture.” Yes, some of you are laughing right now. Who wouldn’t take such an aggressive action as dangerous and threatening in a time of numerous school shootings and young deaths all over the country. Who? You.

As a mom I understand the need to protect your child and set them up for success. Your child will not have a future if you don’t admit your child has a problem. If your child has a behavioral disorder, let the school know. If your child is supposed to be on medication, make sure they take it. I personally cannot understand why a child who lives under YOUR roof, is allowed to tear the place apart because, “He won’t take his meds.” (Insert whiny excusive tone). Would you allow a diabetic child to not take his insulin?

I literally had a parent hang up the phone on me, shouting one last sentence, “Well I’m sorry my daughter has a mental illness!” First of all, teachers are not equipped to deal with undisclosed mental illness. Did you know that? Trying to deescalate a student with Borderline Personality Disorder NOT on mood stabilizers because, “She won’t take them,” makes me want to shout, “NO MORE!” Teachers are not medical doctors, or trained counselors and if you’re a smart parent you will insist on the best course of action for your child before Bill 756 is passed.

Bill 756 would allow teachers to carry guns, make arrests and worse get a pay raise for deciding to pack heat. Parents, do you have any idea how dangerous such a bill would be? Right now the Student Code of Conduct is pretty lax. Biting, pushing, hitting of teachers and staff can somehow translate to suspension. SUSPENSION??? That’s it? Yes. That’s it. But what if the teacher feels threatened as your child flips a desk and lunges for her? You as the parent have not done your due diligence, and now the worst has happened.

This is where we are as a country right now. People love to be angry and pick fights, because we are a society of chaos. Our leaders have made sure that we will never know when the other shoe will drop. A child at a neighboring school posted on social media before a rival basketball game (see below).

We believe we can say and do whatever we want. Heck, our President does. This child had to have real guts to post this racist language on social media. In some way shape or form, he had to know it would go viral. Now his life is screwed, but where are the parents? No doubt they’re SHOCKED at their son’s choice of words. They NEVER use this type of language. Yeah, right. Save it. Children are a product of their environment and we’re hurting them by not implementing dire consequences for egregious behavior. No doubt this boy will just be shipped off to grandma, or boarding school until the mess dies down. Sounds like he got his medicine (voice dripping with deep sarcasm).

In closing, dear parents, if you don’t begin to take responsibility for why your child bought a gun to school, hit a teacher, cursed out a teacher, called another student the N-word, flipped the desk over, had a massive tantrum at seventeen years old and so on. You, not me will find yourself either visiting a prison once a week, burying your baby or supporting a thirty-five year-old who cannot do one thing, because, “He won’t take his meds.”

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