10 Reasons You Know You Have a Shopping Problem-Listicle

And…Ten reasons you know you’re a snobby obsessed shopaholic:

You’re angry when you see an adult sporting something from Forever 21 or Pink

You can spot a fake designer hand back from a football field away

You actually CARE that someone is carrying a fake designer handbag

If you can’t buy the Hermes or Valentino sandals, you’re not going to buy the knock off Madden sandals, even though they look EXACTLY the same

You can’t go on vacation unless you KNOW there will be a decent day of shopping

Everybody knows your name at the Chanel department and nobody knows your name at work

You actually took to the streets and protested against Gucci and Prada but didn’t vote in the 2016 election

You hid your sister’s bag in the closet because it’s from Target and she should know better

You have no problem spending 500.00 on a handbag but will clip coupons to save a dollar on toilet paper

You really do believe on Wednesday’s we wear pink

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