The S List: 10 Awesome Things You Need

The S List: 10 of MY Favorite Things

  • The Yeti Tumbler– Folks, if you don’t have one of these amazing tumblers, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest creations. There is no substitution for this cup. Yeti boasts wine tumblers, mugs and bottles with screw on caps. All models keep your drink exceptionally cold or hot for looonnnnggg hours. The knock off versions just don’t cut it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’d also like to spend $10 on a cup but you get what you pay for. You already know how I feel about fake things. Yeti tumblers come in all kinds of adorable colors too, and the best part for you Southern gals? You can add a beautiful decal with your initials and it actually adheres to the tumbler without peeling.

YOU: I have the Walmart one, it’s exactly the same.


  • Robert Mondavi Private Selection Heritage Red Blend– Those of you who are dieting and are allowed a glass of red wine with dinner will be thrilled to know, I’ve struck gold. I’m always looking for that juicy and jammy bottle of red, that’s going to slide smoothly down my throat without acid and bitterness. This wine invokes aromas of strawberry and vanilla, and when I say yummy, you know it’s true. It’s a California coastal wine and pairs well with everything in my opinion. I’m not ashamed to say I drank it along side of buffalo chicken tenders and enjoyed every sip. Another fantastic part is it’s under $10! I did notice Mondavi Private Selection comes in a variety of reds, so you may want to check them out if you prefer the taste of a Cab or Merlot. I will say this blend is a great table wine for a get together with pizza or pasta.
  • Audible– I turned my mom on to audiobooks and there’s been no turning back. I barely have time to write this blog, let alone sit down and read a physical book. If you’re driving to work, or want to just settle in for the evening, listening to an audiobook is so soothing. I was completely obsessed with MSNBC and CNN and honestly, it was beginning to bring me down. I decided I would listen to my books in the car and in the evening catch up on the headlines. There are freebies every month, Reese’s Book Club and always a book of the day, which is under $5. The $5 books are not crap. I just saw Circe by Madeline Miller on sale. Audible is $14.99 a month, which you may think is a little steep but if you consider all of the services Audible has to offer, it’s not a bad deal.
  • Fila Women’s Disruptor II-As you all know; I suffer from Fibromyalgia. My main areas of pain are my feet and hands. I was pretty worried about my family trip to New York City last December, because I knew there would be a ton of walking and I did not want to be a buzz kill. A friend of mine recommended Fila sneakers and honestly they are a game changer. I walked all over NYC, and continue to wear them comfortably to the mall or any other place, which requires a bunch of walking. The Disruptor is the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned and they come in an array of fantastic colors. They’re actually fun, stylish and functional. My students were shocked when I sported my Fila’s one Friday. I paid $75 in Manhattan, but I’ve seen them as a low as $65. Well worth the money for my people with foot pain.
  • The Balanciaga City Bag-Soft and delicious, this leather tote is functional and beautiful at the same time. I love the hardware; studs and zippers and buckles, not to mention a removable leather framed hand mirror. I don’t know about you but I love a hand mirror. It reminds me of my grandmother. I know, some of you use your phone camera as a mirror, but there’s nothing like a real mirror in hand to remove a pesky piece a green from your teeth. Balanciaga bags are so mushy, which leads to their charm. It’s an understated bag, (unless you’re familiar with the designer), in which you just take note of the girl in front of you with a Classic City and just nod in silent solidarity. This bag will run you some coin. It can cost as much as $1800 new. The good news is there are sites such as, Poshmark, Tradsey and The RealReal for a great deal on a gently used Balanciaga bag. Go on, live a little!
  • A French Bulldog– My husband said I could get another dog as a gift for my 50th. Now mind you, we already had three dogs so this was a BIG deal. I’ve been in love with French Bulldogs for a while. We attended a bully breed picnic in 2017 (I have two Boston Terriers), and the sweetness of the French Bulldog was almost too much to bear. Then, on vacation in NYC we saw a woman walking her Frenchie, Louie and we were all hooked and on a mission to find one. As usual with my endeavors, this breed a ridiculously expensive. I couldn’t even find a rescue in the area. By some crazy chance, I stumbled upon the last of a litter. A white, beautiful, hearing impaired Frenchie. We named him, Marshall. I can not say enough about this breed of dog. Training him, compared to my Boston’s was a breeze. He’s such a mush and love, always wanting to be cuddled. My rescue, Chiweenie, Walter is not a Marshall fan, but you can’t have everything.
Marshall Mellow Culver
  • Alex and Ani Bracelets– I don’t think there’s an age limit for these adorable, stackable bangles. I give them as presents, and I wear them myself. I love the charms and meaningful message behind them. I have my sites set on the Evil Eye Charm Bangle, which wards off misfortune and harmful energy. I’m always in need of some sort of protective armor, people have shown themselves to be slightly unhinged in this day and age. Only $32??? You have a great gift to give or receive. My latest acquisition is the Pineapple. I hope my kids are reading this.
  • The movie, US (Jordan Peele)– This movie…I have already watched it twice and I’m ready to go back for a third time. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed such a twisted work of art. I’m a true horror fan, but this movie delivers more than just jump scares. It’s a head trippy film about a family who vacations at the beachfront home the main character, Adelaide grew up in. Adelaide is very reluctant to embrace this vacation, as she is suffering from some serious childhood PTSD. There are so many layers and the performances are Oscar worthy.  If you liked Get Out, you will eat this movie up with a spoon. I have shared a link to our review on YouTube. It’s a little ghetto, but hey, fight me!
  • Bowmar Nutrition Powder– One of my co-worker’s turned me on to this incredible protein powder. You may be thinking all protein powders are the same, but they’re not. These powders come in flavors such as, Hot Chocolate, Birthday Cake and Cinnamon Roll. Not only can you make a meal replacement protein shake (I sometimes do a week of two meal replacement shakes and then a sensible dinner), but you can bake pancakes, mug cakes and a variety of other dessert and snacks from this powder. There’s a recipe e-book to help you concoct delicious treats. You don’t even realize you’re getting 22 grams of protein and a low fat/carb option. You can even add the protein powder to your coffee, for a great boost. It’s not cheap, health never is. But you’re in luck! There’s an easy pay financing option, which makes buying more than one tub super affordable. 1lb for $34.99 or 5lbs for $69.99. Gluten Free, Ketoish and Lactose Free? Yes, please!
  • Pippa Holt Kaftans– This is not your mama’s kaftan. This is a beautifully handmade piece of art, which drapes and soothes. The material is soft and roomy and comes in a variety of styles and patterns. There are short ones and long ones and even tiny kaftans for the babies. I was turned on to these by the coolest person on Instagram @astridambroziak, and I finally ordered a white one for the summer. Yaaassss! They’re not inexpensive at a beginning price of over $400, but I’ve been assured there are sales at times so I’ll keep you posted. Art will always cost you! You know me, I’m all about treating yourself!

Like what you see? Drop a comment below. Mother’s Day is creeping up, you better get your list together.

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