10 of the BEST Places to Shop without breaking the bank

Years ago, my friend Cassie introduced me to QVC. I was obsessed with Dooney and Burke bags at the time, but had five little kids, I was a teacher and let’s face it, I couldn’t just run out and buy designer bags. Although I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way since my Dooney phase, the words EASY PAY were forever etched in my heart and soul. QVC was my first foray into looking like a boss but not having to come up with all of the money at once. I didn’t have three or four hundred to drop on a bag or pair of shoes. But with EASY PAY, the money would just flitter out of my bank account in small increments, while I carried the bag around on the honor system.

I always laugh at the fact that I grew up in New York City, one of the richest places on earth. I was a private school kid, who ran with a crowd of other fortunate kids, but I never noticed a flaunting of money or a huge wave of designer goods. Perhaps I was in the wrong circles, but when I moved to Boca Raton, Florida…holy s**t! It was like a tale of the Haves and Have Nots. Haves lived in big houses, carried big Prada bags (as a baby bag), never worked and spent their time at Mommy and Me, shopping and lunching. Have Nots lived in smaller house, usually in West Boca, carried a real pastel baby bag, and made it to Mommy and Me when they were off of their part or full-time jobs. These folks were not wearing Tod loafers or Hard Tail outfits (what do you want it was the 90’s).

If I could make my way back to this beautiful city (well, actually I do, since my family is still there), but in a Fairy Godmother capacity, I would help the alienated Mom, who just wants to be part of the pretty people and asked out to lunch but won’t be because she’s wearing Target and carrying an outdated Michael Kors bag.

Here is a list of the greatest places to shop and look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Hey, you gotta live your best life and if it means looking like the coolest gal in the room, I got you covered.

Gosh darn it, they’re all wearing Lululemon and one pair of leggings costs over $90!!! When did leggings get so pricey? Who cares, you need that adorable symbol on your body somewhere. Poshmark is a great place to get discounted Lulu wear on the sly and cheap. Make offers on new active wear, used active wear, nobody will know you didn’t pay full price. Go work that Stairmaster with pride, get invited out to for salad afterwards.

I freaking love this site. You can consign and buy just about anything worth owning on this app. Is everyone carrying the new Gucci Marmont? Is the trending accessory the Kelly Watch by Hermes? Are you the only one without Hunter boots? Nope not today. Today you have shopped, and bought yourself the Gucci bag, but with Affirm, you’re making those EASY PAYS and sliding right into designer heaven with the rest of the ladies. Not only did they pay full price but you saved money and still have money for lunch!

I really enjoy a great wardrobe and with Stitch Fix, you can get there slowly and build up a killer look. Their stylists are on point, and if you don’t care for the way you’re being styled, you just let them know and you will be set up with another stylist. You complete a style profile and bam, your house becomes your dressing room. You receive pieces every month and can keep what you want. I personally got into some categories and brands I never would have looked at. Don’t like anything? Send it all back. I’ve kept as little as two pairs of shorts. You can personalize items to your budget but it’s not a bunch of cheap shmattas. Give it a whirl.

Subscription Boxes are definitely my jam. I did a month of Gwynnie Bee, so I could blog about it. This is a little different because it’s more of a wardrobe refresher. You rent the items, and send them back once you’re done. I’m pretty sure you can keep items for purchase as well. I LOVE the plus size availability. You can get up to ten pieces to try and look like you’re constantly buying new, very awesome clothes. For $49 bucks a month it’s a win win. For me, I chose not to continue because I’m a brat and didn’t like the way the clothes felt or looked on me, but to be fair I didn’t really give it a chance. I say give it a try if you don’t have the funds to buy new clothes constantly.

Another rental Subscription Box, that’s getting a lot of buzz for their savvy style and accessories. This box of joy will only cost you $59 bucks a month and you can ship things back and get new items quickly. Of course items are available for purchase, at a discount. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I think it’s a real coup that MATERNITY wear is offered. When I was pregnant with the boys, everything had bows, puppy dogs and rainbows on it. Not anymore. You get to stay styled even if you’re preggo!

This site isn’t what I would call designer, but wow what a cool and inexpensive site to buy trendy items. Last winter there were tons of trending coats out there, and I know I didn’t want to pay two hundred bucks for a one season item. Here your haul can go deep. 40 bucks for a jacket, 20 bucks for a killer maxi dress. For a hundred dollars, you’re easily receiving four items and if you catch a sale? Guurrrlll. Check it out.

Like The Real Real, you can treat yourself to a luxury item without coming out of pocket for the entire $600 bag. EASY PAY options are available via Affirm. Not only are the items discounted but you’ll definitely be able to step out with a Louis Vuitton Speedy (a bag that NEVER goes out of style). Unlike a new car, LV never updates the bags. The Noe and Speedy are still black holes, and require a frame if you don’t want your personal items all over the bottom of your bag . The good news is no one will be able to tell if your bag is from 1986 or 2006.

What more can I say about the Rack? I’m a Rack addict. I love the gigantic shoe selection and the discounted prices on my favorite designers, like Vineyard Vines and AG. UGGs are available in all sizes and colors. Remember when UGGs first came out and your kids wanted them? $200 for a pair of kids boots? Oyyyy! Well now you can pick up a pair for your kiddo so she’s not the ONLY one without them. Why not grab a pair for yourself too? Spring and Summer are great times to buy Winter items!

The Trunk club is a subscription box, which is more expensive than a few of the other subscription services because let’s face it, it’s Nordstrom. There’s no fee if you’re a card holder but some of the prices can range from $30 up to $300. I do like that you can review pricing BEFORE you buy anything. I happen to think Nordy has a terrific selection for those of us over the age of ahem…thirty.

If you have Prime and you KNOW you do, this is a great option for online shopping. Free shipping, try before you buy and a large selection of quality items. You only have to pay for the items you keep. This goes for shoes as well. I bought a pair of Seychelles slides, which are so adorable and comfy at a great price. I’m normally unable to buy shoes without trying them on, but this site makes it all possible. If you’re on a budget, Prime Wardrobe is the way to go. You won’t waste money and you can rock your boho style for less.

I feel like this site has been around a while and as I check it out, seems to have really stepped up their game. A Goyard on Borrow for $135 a month? Uh…yes please! What a great way to try out a bag on the cheap! You can also Buy although if you could do that, you wouldn’t have to borrow. But still, it’s an option for an event where you want to look trendy and carefree with a hot YSL evening bag.

Comment below and tell me your shopping secrets or best subscription box, let’s hear it!

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  1. Pinning this post! As a gift shopper, I am always looking for places to shop and recommend without burning a whole in my pocket. Thanks for the recommendations!

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