You’re Done Having Babies. Period.

Trigger warning. Gross description warning! If you call a vagina “lady parts,” then this post is not for you. Just keep it moving.

A couple of weeks ago I was struck with a serious headache and stomachache. I couldn’t figure it out, but was popping Advil like a champ. I chalked it up to a whirlwind trip to California, which took place in about 48 hours. Unfortunately, I ended up having some light bleeding, which turned into a full on Sharknado by the time I got home from work the next day. As I walked into the house, I asked my husband if there was blood in back of my pants. He basically gasped. There was blood alright. I could feel it literally gushing out. I don’t think I can remember the last time I lost a pair of pants to a period.

The problem? The bleeding didn’t stop for days. I was purchasing super plus tampons (organic of course) and had to double up with a pad! Not since the kids were born had I been this miserable! By the third day, I thought I would need a blood transfusion. I’m 50, so this is out of the ordinary. My doctor asked me to come in, so he could see what was up.

During the ultrasound, he asked my if I would like to look. I seriously flashed back to my last pregnancy, and asked if he would give me a picture to hang up on my fridge? The ultrasound showed twin fibroids and a couple of dried up ovaries. I believe the doctor called them, “raisins.” I guess I was more effected than I thought. It’s rational to assume once you’re 50 and have five kids, your childbearing years are over. That just makes sense. I didn’t even want another baby…or did I?

Perhaps it was basically being told, “You’re all dried up.” Maybe it was the sound of a door slamming shut? Or was it watching my adorable little niece celebrating her birthday and the realization that I will never have another baby.

This isn’t a feel good piece, it’s just an honest and introspective moment (I’m sure I’m not the only one), where a woman knows her baby days are over. Of course there’s always grandchildren but don’t your kids have to be in a relationship in order for that to happen? Hey ladies, have you ever suddenly realized you’re done but don’t want to be? Whether it’s rational or irrational what are your thoughts? Did you have another baby? Did you just get over yourself, like me? Drop a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Done Having Babies. Period.

  1. I’m 31 and had my tubes tied at 26 after having my third c-section. I think about having another baby often especially me now, being single and always being approached by men without children. It sometimes makes me a little sad but I think about the money and emotions and get myself right on together.

  2. My ovaries definitely get twitchy but I know I could never keep up with a newborn now. I love to hug and squeeze on my nieces and nephews, but there is a lot more than that involved in raising a child. It does make me sad sometimes. No one wants to be told they can’t do something. It was already horrifying enough to have a pregnancy at an “ advanced maternal age”. They stamped it all over my chart and it made me feel awful like I didn’t deserve to be pregnant at that age. On the other side of the coin-I feel like I’m more mentally and financially prepared to have a baby now versus when I was 23. Guess you can’t have everything..

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