The Truth Is Like Barbed Wire.

So ladies and gents, is it ever alright to be completely honest with someone? In my opinion there are rules. You don’t have to say everything that comes to mind. I’m frenemies with a girl who likes to hit with what I’ll call subtle barbs. Things like, “Carly asked me why you’re wearing that dress, and I just did not know what to say!” Ohhhh. Carly said it. So at this point I’m supposed to confront Carly, or ask you why you think it’s necessary for me to know something negative? Clearly this girl wants me to feel bad and has diarrhea of the mouth. Who does that???

I don’t think it’s fair to share your opinion unless you’re asked.

Here’s an example. If you’re in the fitting room with a friend and she comes out in a dress that doesn’t flatter her, let her know.

If your pal is thinking about buying a new BMW and you had one that cost you tons in foreign parts, then feel free to share.

The trouble comes when a friend asks your opinion about politics. “I think Trump is doing a great job! Build that wall!” Do you quietly walk away or attempt to change the mind of a MAGA supporter? I’ve found that being completely honest on this topic is a good way to lose friends and family, although do you really want a Trump supporter as friend (or family member)?

Your friend just had her hair done and asks you what you think about it. Do you…tell the truth or just tell her what she wants to hear?

At the end of the day I think it’s fair to tell a friend the truth if she asks, but it’s cruel to be mean. So many people get off on being vicious. If you’re not asked, don’t tell. What’s your opinion on the topic?

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2 thoughts on “The Truth Is Like Barbed Wire.

  1. Funny you post this. I totally agree, it isn’t necessary to be mean or passive aggressive to get your point across. Some people are just like that. I try to think it’s their issue and not mine.

  2. Totally agree – best to be honest but maybe not too honest sometimes that it’s hurtful. Your friend or partner will thank you in hr long run for being truthful

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