You’ve Been Publicly Trashed, Should You Strike Back?

You’ve just found out someone has completely trashed you. Someone you thought was a friend. Been there? Me too and fairly recently. What gives?

In the last few years (since I’ve grown ahem…mature), I try not to believe anything I don’t hear for myself. And didn’t Wilde say, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about at all?” However, it’s really a bummer when there’s no real foundation for the slander, just downright meanness.

Do you confront a bitch or just let her simmer in her own juices? I’m wondering if it’s possible to do both. I read a cute article where the author suggests not acting accusatory but merely gently asking if the person said the heinous remarks. Of course the person is going to say, “No, I never said that!” Therefore, is it even worth asking the question? Do you just take the high road?

In my case it was high school revisited. Remember when Regina George told the unsuspecting student she LOVES her skirt, only to turn to Cady and say, “That is the ugliest F-ing skirt I’ve ever seen.” I was wearing an adorable Lilly Pulitzer Romper, the two ladies gushed about the outfit. “Why haven’t I worn it before?” “You look great!” When I left the room, according to my sources, they trashed me and continued to do so for TWO DAYS! First of all, these women clearly had a lot of time on their hands when they should have been working. My question is, why bother saying anything at all? If I don’t like something a person is wearing, I certainly don’t compliment her on it. I could get petty and reduce the two gals to dust, because let’s face it…neither one of them has a shred of fashion or hair sense. But I digress. I hopefully left my Mean Girl days on the steps of Wagner Junior High School.

What are your thoughts? Are we too grown to confront people who are brave enough to talk behind your back, but too afraid to tell you to your face? Is it even worth the time and energy to speak to the non-supporters and haters? Comment below.

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