My Daughter Highjacked My Blog!

So, Your Mom Has More Followers Than You.

The truth hurts. In this moment, the truth is my mother, Sydney D. Culver has precisely fifteen thousand one hundred fifty-eight more followers than me. Now, some other teenager whose mother runs a wellness blog must be wondering why their mother has fifteen thousand more followers than them and the answer is- FOLLOW LOOPS.

Follow loops are simple to explain, they are short posts, which stay up for around fifteen minutes, and in those fifteen minutes, people follow every other person who liked the post and this goes on ALL DAY.

Now, this is only half true because my mom hasn’t done a follow loop in a couple months but, it DID boost her numbers up (even though she did get shadow banned for a couple weeks and I witnessed her shut down completely).

MY MOM LOSING IT 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

I however, have never done a follow loop in my life and all my six hundred forty-two followers are authentic. I’m just kidding, Mom; I know you worked hard for your status.

Also, can we PLEASE talk about giveaways? I know my mom does plenty. Just like follow loops, they are short posts that are only up for a week or so, that give you a chance to win certain prizes. Now how do you enter? Comment, like, and follow. That’s how. People do these things just for a chance to win! So you already know she’s getting at least a hundred or so followers from these giveaways alone!

My mom is smart. You know, with all the teasing I do, she has built herself a large following. While people are in her DM’s (Direct Messages) they ask her to be ambassadors, give her free gifts, and tell her how much they love the blog. I get gross DM’s from 60-year-old men asking to be my sugar daddy.

That’s truly amazing and I’m glad that her platform has grown so much.

With all that said, I can only ask for y’all to follow my Instagram. You won’t get giveaways or follow loops, but you’ll definitely will get adorable pictures taken by my mom herself (yes, my mom takes most of my Instagram pictures). So go ahead and check it out! @Cami_Culver, and I don’t know, maybe you’ll see me on here again. I kind of like writing blogs.


XO- Cami Sophia Culver

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