Anyone Else Survive Back to School Week?

Can we talk? Calling all teachers! Did you survive your first week back in the classroom? Let’s start with the fact that after being off for essentially two months, you now have to get up as early as five in the morning, decorate your classroom like you’re competing on The Great Interior Design Challenge, and begin the task of lesson planning. No wonder teachers took to the streets in protest! We should have earned a raise and and more days off just for the week of planning.

My transition from school administrator back to teacher has been pretty wonderful for the most part. I’m working at an amazing school, but of course it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. I love the support, the wearing jeans on Friday and most of all, I’m no longer the boss! I can tell my principal is still incredulous about this bizarre decision of mine but I can tell he respects it. I don’t think I’ve met an administrator who wouldn’t go back into the classroom if they could earn the same amount of money. I’m here to tell you, money does not buy happiness. Yes, I know that’s a cliché but it’s true. I have friends who have walked away from major corporations to teach. We’re an insane group of people who love kids and our subject area.

However, you can run but you can’t hide! I thought I was done with the crazy behavior, but I guess I forgot I’m teaching “Post-Millenials”. That’s an entitled bunch, whose parents think they should get a trophy whether they’ve earned it or not. If their child fails a test, that’s your fault. I’ve ranted, I’ve raved, “Hey parents, you’re not doing these kids a favor!” Kids today can’t even get through a class period without looking at their cell phone 500 times. I’ve resulted to collecting the phones, I’ll let you know how well that goes over next week, if I’m still alive (check my IG stories). When I first began teaching and phones were suddenly allowed (because a board member couldn’t get in touch with her child), I had a student look at her phone and bolt out of the classroom. I had no idea why. The student made her way to another classroom, dragged a girl out of her seat and began beating her. Why? The student saw a comment she didn’t like and a questionable picture of her boyfriend. Congratulations, Verizon is now raising your child.

I will say that I feel a weight lifted off of my chest. I have a new friend at school who left her administrative position as well, and she’s all smiles. No, we didn’t get fired, we actually walked away from leadership positions, and feel GREAT about it! I must confess that I have been neglectful of my exercise routine, which consisted of doing yoga three times a week at 5:00 am. I’m no spring chicken and I’m dead tired. I do plan to get back on the wagon as soon as I get my sea legs! Has anyone tried the new Bollywood workout?

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