Tired of Looking and Feeling like Crap? New Year, New You!

You may not remember me. I’ve been on hiatus. I confess, I have not been very vigilant with my time. I took on a new roll at school and the planning aspect was pretty intense. The idea of spending some quality time writing my blog seemed exhausting and overwhelming. But, I need to get over myself and I’m back!

There will probably be hundreds of blog posts about New Year resolutions and I’m just falling in with the masses, but hey didn’t William Carlos Williams say, “I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.” I gotta start somewhere, so here I go.

For the first time in years, I’m really happy in my career. I was miserable as a high school principal working in a toxic environment. My fibromyalgia would flare, and there was a lot of crying and misery. I thought about leaving education altogether, but realized after twenty years, I’m not exactly qualified to re-enter the rat race and I love kids. I decided to change my entire focus on education. I went to a college prep school instead of title one and went back into teaching, which is my passion. It’s been a great ending to 2019, and I’m looking forward to 2020. What I’m trying to say is, folks is follow you heart. Don’t spend another second being abused, feeling sick, or unhappy. Start looking for that new opportunity, start your own business, but most of all start living!

This is a tough one. I’m 51 years-old and I know I’m not half bad but I could certainly take off a few pounds. Keto? WW? Low-Carb? What’s the right angle? My social media is full of great ideas. One sends smoothies and bowls filled with super foods for breakfast and lunch. Sounds amazing, but it’s going to cost a pretty penny. The new WW is very cool and enticing and you can do this with a group for support, but I remember a ton of hungry moments because I was trying to save up my points for diner and dairy queen! Keto actually worked very well for me but not my husband, and since we’re in it together it’s best to find a program we can do together. I’d love to hear your ideas? What is your plan to get your body right? Are you doing Hello Fresh or another meal delivery service? Spill the tea! 

My husband bought me a Peloton and I am looking forward to committing to a schedule. Exercise is very important but not everyone can run, bike or jump. For a while I was doing yoga regularly, but bursitis is my shoulders made it so painful, I couldn’t do it with the integrity I needed to. I know that I’m too tired to hit the gym after work, so mornings it is! Three times a week, I will get up before my shower and ride my Peloton. You don’t have to commit to a Peloton, there are others which are less expensive. The Echelon Smart Connect Bike, Nordic Track, ProForm Studio Bike Pro, the Schwinn IC3 and the L Now Indoor Bike. These bikes are a fraction of the cost and will earn you top notch results. At the end of the day, it’s about consistency. There are cycle bars, gyms, YouTube, cable, there’s not a lot of excuses out there! Let’s do it together! 

Would I be me, if I didn’t have a New Year’s post about shopping? What have you done for yourself lately? Is there a purse you’ve been dying for (isn’t there always?). Some kick ass Frye boots or Chanel flats? Maybe you didn’t get that Ninja Foodi or new Smart TV. Whatever it is, set up a plan to make it happen! Treat yourself to a gift that makes you smile! What do you have your eye on for 2020? Let me know! Let’s discuss! 

Happy New Year!

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5 thoughts on “Tired of Looking and Feeling like Crap? New Year, New You!

  1. Now this! Yes! Juggling so many things can be very taxing on your mind body and soul! I’ve learned that it takes effort and being intentional to get the peace you need, the healthy lifestyle that you need and mostly a great balanced life. Thanks so much for this post!!! 2020…Balance, Peace, and Healthy choices!!! Great post!

  2. The peloton bikes look so cool! I’m trying to get back to regular exercise. I’ve been very physically unwell (fatigue, depression, anxiety, aches) so it’s hard. But i am committing to 3 x a week 20-30 min for now

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