Hello, My Name is Sydney and I’m Addicted to Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Lover

Hello, my name is Sydney and I’m addicted to Lilly Pulitzer. It all began years ago, when I was shopping with my daughter all over Palm Beach County looking for a dress she could wear to a party. Naturally, we found ourselves at home base, which at that time was a mall called, Town Center in Boca Raton. About to enter our fifteenth store, I watched a girl walk by who looked sooooo adorable, I stared as she strode across the mall and drank in her entire outfit.

The girl was by no means thin. She was full figured, about twenty-five strutting through the mall to handle business. Her dress was a beautiful Ophelia Swing (although I didn’t know names back then), and fit her curvy body so effortlessly, I was moved. Excited, I pointed the young lady out to my daughter, who I was sure would share my enthusiasm and beeline it straight to the Lilly store, mission accomplished! It didn’t exactly go down the way I imagined. In my dream we’d skip into Lilly, ready to try on EVERYTHING. Notice I said, WE. My heart was racing, I was ready to be a part of this world! But, my daughter looked at me and said, “EWWW.” Dammit!

The good news is we did eventually find a dress for my daughter, weeks later, probably on some online shop I’ve already forgotten about! When I got home to Charlotte I beelined it to Lilly in the South Park Mall, with husband in toe to let me know if this type of clothing looked good on me, or if I was kidding myself. The first dress I put on was like a homecoming! Even my husband was like, “Wow, that looks great on you!” Of course I bought two. It was the beginning of the end. 

I’m certainly not a teenager, I HAVE a teenager! I’m not a young mom or even in my forties anymore! What struck me years ago in a Boca mall, was that this was a designer for all body types. Lilly’s dresses can be cut quite long for the tall woman and can be altered to fit a shorter person. The sizes are forgiving, and somehow there’s a style out there for everyone. Not all of her pieces look good on me, but there are plenty that do. 

I’m sick, family. I shop Thred Up, Clothing Mentor, Mercari, Ebay; I live for The Lilly After Party Sale, and any other place I can find discontinued patterns and items to decorate. I’m in at least four Lilly inspired Facebook Groups and can actually have a conversation, which lasts more than five minutes about freaking Lilly Pulitzer! I have broken my own winter wardrobe rules, pairing Lilly pinks and blues with tights and jackets to winterize. My scarf collection is one of legends. You don’t have to be a sorority gal like my daughter to have fun with this designer. We come in all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Are you an undiagnosed Lilly Lover, who needs to bond or is looking for ways to satiate your addiction? I have provided links to some of my favorite places to buy and trade. Nordy and Belk often have Lilly sales, even when it’s not The After Party. Have any secrets about Lilly shopping you need to share? Comment below.   





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15 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Sydney and I’m Addicted to Lilly Pulitzer

  1. Okay this may sound crazy to you but we don’t have this brand here, well that I’ve seen. I think they had this at Target one time. I don’t remember though.

  2. I don’t know who Lilly is, but you’ve got it bad, Sis. Lemme do my googles and see who this woman is, so I can find out if I need to get acquainted with her or not. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I know how you feel when you finally find a store that’s a gem. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had that feeling, but I’ll definitely have to check out Lilly Pulitzer next time I’m in the states!

  4. I’ve seen lily pulitzer stuff in a couple store and always thought they were so pretty and colorful but actually bought anything. Maybe I should treat myself. Thanks!

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