14 Insanely Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you-as a badass bitch need some sort of very cool gift from your significant other or hell, why not gift yourself? Who says you can’t be your own Valentine? In fact, I encourage it! I have created a list of fabulous gifts, which may help you in a pinch, when bae asks what do you want for the big 14?

Let’s face it, a box of candy is alright, and flowers are beautiful but those are accoutrements! Chocolate from Godiva, with a map so you don’t have to bite into a chocolate filled with orange is fun as hell but like I said, that’s a side item. So let’s jump in:

  • A pink pair of funky and chunky futuristic sneakers! Comfort and fun all in one!
  • Let’s take it back to old school! Valentine’s Stan Smith’s, can you go wrong?
  • A popular Foodie subscription, so no one has to worry about what’s for dinner.
  • And speaking of Foodie, the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker/ Air Fryer is a dream come true, for those of us addicted to our Instant Pots and Air Fryers.
  • Literally to coolest flip flop on the street, at an affordable 150.00.
  • Would I be me if I didn’t suggest ANY item from Lilly Pulitzer? Gift cards work too!
  • The Regal Unlimited Movie Pass for avid movie goers. Go once, go twice, see a movie everyday! Who cares, it’s all paid for and a discount at the goodie counter to boot!
  • A phone upgrade. Either treat yourself or let hubby take you over to T-mobile and get rid of that iPhone 6 for Pete’s sake! 
  • A subscription box, which can have all kinds of amazing items in it, depending on your taste.
  • A beautiful and cozy cardigan. Kind of like…Barefoot Dreams…hint…hint..
My sister-in-law MAKES THESE!! WHAT WHAT????
  • Something monogrammed. I don’t know about you but I LOVE MONOGRAM. It’s personal and thoughtful.
  • A Cartier Love Bracelet, classic and light. As Cartier says, “How far would you go for love?”
  • I’m wrong for this, but a French Bulldog. My Frenchie is my baby, and I challenge any dog lover not to fall in love with this amazing breed.
  • A beautiful, red small shoulder or crossbody bag. Gucci works!

Feel free to just print out this post and hand it to your honey! Have any other cool ideas to add? Drop a comment! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image Credits: Vans

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9 thoughts on “14 Insanely Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  1. This is an incredible gift guide. You basically added so many wonderful things that are on my wishlist. Your dog is so cute and looks so much like mine. I’ve seen you in several Facebook groups and the photo of you with this little angel is priceless. Wonderful blog post as usual. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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