Obsessive Shopping in the Time of Corona

Soooo. Let’s talk. Are you obsessively shopping during your downtime? Work time or sleep time? Are you praying your fourth package of the day arrives when your husband is in the bathroom or on a business call? Are you quietly sneaking boxes into your trunk and/or stuffing goodies in a closet your significant other doesn’t look in? You may be suffering from “The Rona_Shopping Syndrome,” or RSS.

I’m guilty too. Yesterday, I was chilling with my family on the patio enjoying the beautiful day and drinking a cool beverage. From out of the corner of my eye, an alert comes. One of my Lilly Pulitzer Facebook groups! I quickly grabbed my phone. Belk’s was having a huge Lilly sale! I was on the Belk’s App faster than you can say shopaholic and grabbed a jacket for 25% off. Did I need another Lilly Betsey Jacket? Hell no, but that’s not the point. I should have grabbed the toile shorts too…maybe that will be today’s purchase…but I digress. Think of shopping as therapy. Online shopping at Nasty Girl, Asos and Shein is the type of retail therapy we all need to feel like some things haven’t changed. And let’s be honest you’re really not spending much because you can’t go out! You’re basically saving money!

If you follow me on social media, then you already know about my obsessions with vintage designer handbags (got my eye on a vintage Gucci as we speak) and Lilly Pulitzer. It gives me pleasure to “window shop” on Zara or Nordstrom, while I listen to the news and try to stay indoors as much as possible. I scroll and heart my favorite items and wait for sales and enjoy the process in this time of uncertainty. I think you can actually justify buying something that would make you feel good! I honestly believe I’m supporting the economy if I continue to buy. It is true, I do relate a little too much to Carrie Bradshaw but I gotta be me!

What’s your guilty passion for the time being? What are you hiding in the closet? Spill the tea!



This post is in no way shape or form downplaying the seriousness of Covid_19. The views expressed are merely for entertainment value. My heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one due to the virus or are struggling with the disease as this blog post goes to print.

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11 thoughts on “Obsessive Shopping in the Time of Corona

  1. I’ve been window shopping for shoes. Macy’s and Zullily have been my go to sites for this time, but have to say have that I have been strong and not shopped yet! (Virtual shopping carts are full though) Week 2 of lockdown just completed, can’t say that I won’t shop on week 3!!

  2. I have just realized that l need to buy more spring clothes for my growing boys. Thankful l can buy everything in live between this “Stay at home” 😀

  3. From the first sentence, I started to laugh because it’s so me!!! I really hoped to save money but everywhere on the internet are sales and they even bring the package to your home without any fee! That’s wonderful! And how I can say ”no” to that? 😀

  4. Yes, I have seen your shopping explosion on social media , but I have had the opposite effect, I’ve not purchased anything even though my birthday was this past week and I received gift cards. I think I need you to share some of that shopping spirirt. Maybe now that I know about Belk’s sale that will change.

  5. I have never been a “shopaholic” or much of a shopper at all! But this coronavirus and all the social distancing are about to make me become a true online shopaholic for sure!!! I love your post!! Stay safe and healthy!!

  6. I’m too afraid (or tired) to online shop. since i’m an “at risk” person that entails cleaning the packaging I bring in, the product.. so I’m just anxiously waiting until a big spree where I can spend much of the money I saved during this time period

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