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In the new world, we have to adjust how we do things. School is delivered online, most people are trying to order delivery of their food and supplies, restaurants are not only selling take-out but they’re now butchers who will include a side of toilet paper or a bottle of wine with your steak. Here in Charlotte, the donut shop is selling fresh produce in partnership with local farmers. However, the one thing that’s gone down the tube is beauty. I won’t get into the issue of waxing, because I’m too scared to do that myself. Let’s just say a 1970’s porn star won’t have anything on me by June.


My first mistake was thinking I could do my own nails. In fact, one of my friends literally bought a nail drill and did her own acrylics. AND THEY LOOKED GOOD! I was so inspired! She actually told me she learned “watching” the techs do her nails for many years. I’ve been getting my nails done for over twenty-five years and I clearly learned NOTHING. I thought I could buy a dipping kit and do my nails. My daughter and I set out into the backyard to take off our gel nails. Even that seemed like the Lord was testing us. We tried wrapping our nails in cotton and acetone, then dunking our hands in acetone and we still struggled to get the gel off. We did the best job we could and began the process of powder. It seemed so easy. Paint a gooey base coat (we found out it’s like super glue), and just dip your nails in the powder. Easier said than done. We tried, I swear we tried but our nails looked like bumpy, lumpy experiments. My daughter and I looked at each other and knew they had to come off. Well if you think gel is hard to get off, try super glue and nail powder. What a disaster! Folks, don’t try this at home. I fully appreciate the hard work my nail techs do, and I now understand why you actually need a certificate to do nails. 


My second issue was my hair. I am a proud member of Drybar’s Barfly program. I spend so much time there it’s practically like a second home. These people are actual friends. So now I’m expected to do my own hair. I will say this was easier than trying to do my own nails. I watched about four videos on how to “silk press” my hair. My favorite YouTube video is by Kaila Kake, who is half my age and absolutely adorable. I invested in some new products because of course, I needed a tourmaline dryer and decent flat iron. I also didn’t have the right brushes or shampoos and hair protectors. I bought a cache of products and got to work. I actually did it, I came out on the other side. I saw an email from another hairdresser who is doing online tutorials for a few bucks and she’ll walk you through completing a process! That’s genius! I’ll keep you posted on how coloring my hair turns out, I may have to do this process if my roots start acting up.


The moral of the story is some things are doable, and some things are not. I’m not one for giving up though! I just ordered a gel polish and UV light kit. I’ll keep you posted. Do you have a beauty hack to share? Please comment! 

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home!

  1. Love your post! I did get a laugh out of your nail episode. That would so happen to me. 🙂 Good job on your hair. I am in need of a trim, but I WILL NOT be doing it myself. A ponytail will have to do for now.

  2. I feel you! Lol, I end up messing my eyebrows a bit. I have no idea what I’m gonna do if my salon doesn’t open soon.

  3. They closed all beauty salons in the day when I had an appointment for new nails… what a disappointment and you can nothing to do with that!
    So, I bought a gel and UV light kit! Today I made my nails! Not so good as in the salon, but it feels so good to have again strong nails!!!

  4. Lol! This was me a few weeks ago trying to clean my nails. I have relaxed hair so I can manage taking care of it on my own, but definitely not the nails. Thanks for sharing.

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