Free Therapy: The Covid-19 Group Therapy Project

At the moment it seems we have forgotten about life before the Corona Virus. There are very few blog posts about Dior’s new summer collection, Vuitton’s latest IT bag, where to travel on a budget or making the most out of your trip to Disney. As a lifestyle blogger, I was really nervous about posting about frivolous topics, for fear of insulting a reader or not seeming serious enough. The new norm has taught me there is a place for everything. Write about what feels right at the time. There are no rules. 

Last week I watched a story on MSNBC about a 26-year-old Maryland woman with Cerebral Palsy who died of Covid 19, because she insisted on working at the grocery store, Giant (her employer for the last six years). Leilani Jordan insisted the seniors at her store needed help finding groceries amidst the rated shelves and uncertain times. The store provided little if no protection. There were no gloves, masks or even hand sanitizer for essential workers. Giant did not do all it could to protect their employees and Leilani soon fell ill with Covid and sadly passed away. I watched her mom sob on TV, and I began to sob as well. All I could think about was, who will help this poor mom get through this trauma? Leilani’s mom seems to live a frugal lifestyle. There’s no money to bury the young woman, let alone deal with the aftermath and PTSD associated with traumatic incidences. 

My sister, Shai Wottitz has developed a plan, which seeks to help those directly affected by the virus. The Covid 19 Group Therapy Project is a safe and effective way to work with a therapist through these trying times. It’s not only death, but it’s also the loss of a business you took years to build-up, the social distancing and the feelings of uncertainty. Who will help people without insurance process and cope during this trying time? 

The Covid 19 Group Therapy will provide virtual support via group therapy with a licensed therapist for a period of eight weeks. The beauty of this project is it’s all FREE. Without much-needed interventions, we are looking at years of suffering as people try to cope and process their emotions without help. Unfortunately, time is of the essence. Funding is vital in order to make this project a reality. If you’re looking for a legitimate way to give back. Please think about donating to this necessary cause. You may save a life. 

DONATE TO The Covid-19 Therapy Project


*Therapy is available for residents in CA only, due to state restrictions.


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10 thoughts on “Free Therapy: The Covid-19 Group Therapy Project

  1. Thanks for everything are you doing for this difficult period. Great info to share. I wish there were more people like you to help each other around.❤️

  2. This is such a great idea! I just was so disappointed to see that its only available in California. I am a mental health awareness advocate myself and I shall do a ‘shout-out’ on my next Facebook Live for all my California Members. Thanks for this! Many blessings to you!

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