The Anatomy of a Great Mother’s Day: 10 Terrific Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Do you have a gift plan in place? Now is the time to begin the search as shipping times can vary due to most gifts are not considered “essential items.” I beg to differ. Gifts are always essential and Mother’s Day should be celebrated regardless of a pandemic. 

You have less than a month to put your plan into action. The day should kick-off with a delicious brunch, one preferably with mimosas, and lots of things to slather butter on. In my opinion, a great mimosa should start with a decent dry Cava, Brut or Prosecco (think lots of bubbles). For years I have purchased Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut, which is inexpensive and delicious for mimosas. I love this wine and for 9 or 10 bucks? Yes, ma’am! However, if your palette is better developed than mine, you can try Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut or Bollinger. These will set you back a little, but the delight that follows once this drink hits the palette will make you forget about the price. 

Lists are always helpful in a pinch. I love scrolling through products and coming up will cool gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. Of course, I always try to recommend items I have either used myself or a similar product that makes me happy. I like to include different price points as well as items that appeal to people of all ages. 

My top recommendation is the Ninja Foodi. I know, I know! If you have followed me, then you know I have been hyping up the Instant Pot for years. I stand by my IP recommendation but the Ninja Foodi is like an IP on steroids. Since the virus started I have cooked at least 90% of meals in this pot. I have made pizza (yes, pizza), calzones, a whole chicken, pasta, ribs, steaks and I could go on and on. The feature that makes this kitchen tool so dynamic is the built-in air-fryer, roster, and broiler. Once the food is cooked, you can actually brown it. I put a crust on my rib-eye that would put Outback to shame! It’s not a cheap as the IP, which you can score for 69.99. The Ninja will set you back somewhere between 179.00 (on sale), to 230.00. It’s worth every penny! Trust me and you’re welcome. 

Omaha Steaks. I have never ordered from Omaha Steaks before and I’m not sure why. For a while, I had a hard time finding meat and this box of goodies offered my family a nice variety of chicken, steaks, and burgers, not to mention dessert and a tasty potato side. I spent a bit over a hundred dollars and had enough dinner meals for a week. I loved just reaching into the freezer and having something yummy available. The company also makes prepared meals, so you can send skillet, and one-step meals that make life nice and easy. The price points are nice, ranging from 59.99 and up. 

Audible. I think I put Audible on every list. This is a fantastic way to listen to books on your phone, computer or in your car. I think Audible is fantastic for a mom who likes to read and loves podcasts. Kindle Unlimited is a great addition to the Audible platform since they’re both owned by Amazon. Kindle gives Mom an opportunity to go between reading and listening. Mom has access to a gigantic library of books since there’s no library or bookstore trips currently. If your mom is in a book club like mine is, a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or Audible is perfect.

There are so many new streaming channels and most of them are offering a free trial of at least a month. My mom loves to watch TV and has Netflix and Prime. She does not have Quibi. Quibi is a mobile app that’s providing the first 90 days free. Everything you watch is ten minutes or less, and there are some very well known actors on these quick bites. The subscription is inexpensive. Five dollars a month for content with commercials and eight dollars without commercials. You could hook your mom up for a year of Quibi on your dime. Fun! 

How can you listen to Audible or watch Quibi without a kick-ass pair of headphones? And isn’t it about time your mom or wife went wireless and learns how to use Bluetooth? Airpod Pros are fantastic for Apple fans. They’re user friendly and comfortable. As a matter of fact, this may be the gift I buy for my mom if my sister wants to chip in (let’s see if she’s reading this). They’re not cheap at a cool 249.00. There is a second-generation, for 150.00 and perhaps that’s a great way to integrate new technology into your mother’s world. However, my husband swears by Jabra, which is pretty awesome in terms of sound and fit. They’re a little more reasonable weighing in at about 180.00. 

Since going to the salon is out of the question, a new tourmaline hairdryer is probably needed to replace the old basic dryer under the bathroom sink. Trust me, this sounds cringy but your mom will kiss you when it takes her half the time to dry her hair and she see the sheen and feels the softness of a high functioning dryer. Most mothers are not going to spring for a decent hairdryer. They’re too selfless for that. Everyone is raving about the Dyson. If you’re made of money, by all means, buy this for the person who gave birth to you, she deserves it. If you’re on a budget, there are lots of other choices. I treated myself to the Gamma + 3500 Tourmaline. It’s affordable and magical. I highly recommend the Gamma +, which I ordered from Macy’s and paid 139.00 for. If you have a coupon or a Macy’s charge, it’s even cheaper. 

So not only is hair an issue but nails all over the country are crying out for fills and polish. My mom has gel nails and is used to going every couple of weeks. On a Zoom meeting, my group compared nails and we all shed a tear. Originally I tried a dipping kit (think SNS), and what a disaster! Nail techs are truly artists and should be treated as such. I did buy a gel nail kit, complete with UV lights. This is a great gift because it comes with everything you need to get through the virus and hold tight until nail salons open again. Kits are available on Amazon and at most retail giants. They range from about 40.00-100.00. Not too shabby!

If you’re out of ideas, a Yeti or Hydro Flask is the perfect go-to! There is a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. If your mom or wife is a wine connoisseur, it keeps wine icy cold. I probably have eight or nine various different Yeti’s and Hydro Flask’s and yet every time I get a new one, it’s like Christmas day! True, they’re expensive for a cup but once you own one of these treasures you will argue with anyone who tries to argue with you concerning its worth. 

Ugg Cozette Slippers. Who doesn’t love Uggs? Mom may not wear a chunky Ugg boot, but she will be thrilled to walk around the house in a pair of cozy, warm and yet not sweaty slippers. Think Corona Virus Comfort. 

I’m in love with a pretentious dog tag necklace in the Goop Shop. Yes, THAT Goop shop, which sells the vagina candle and necklace/portable vibrator. I’m a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, I admit it! I love her look. Gwyneth knows how to rock a layered jewelry look. The Tanya Dog Tag necklace can have up to four names on it. Think grandkids, adult kids, or the new baby. It’s at a decent price point (under 200.00), and very personal. 


What’s on your Mother’s Day list? Comment and let us know, we could all be missing out on the next great product! 







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  1. I love the hair dryer and gel kit as gifts for moms.Now, I just need to find a way to drop breadcrumbs to the right people, so they know what I want.

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