About Me

Hi, I’m Sydney C., a mom of five, high school principal, obsessor of designer shoes and handbags, yoga enthusiast and wellness blogger. I strive to juggle the responsibilities of family and a fit lifestyle. This blog deals with my realities of trying to stay on track, be healthy, the struggles of yo-yo dieting, handling a job, and dealing with the stress of trying to BE it all. Join me as I share my everyday efforts to stay on track with nutrition, exercise and well…shopping. When I’m not at school holding it down, you can find me on my pink yoga mat, concocting an elaborate juice or keto-ish meal, or looking for online shopping-deals and discounts. Why start a blog? Normally wellness and shopping don’t collide, but they do in my world. Mom’s who want to stay fit, look good and get a little advice can park themselves here and take the journey with me.