Spending The Day With Your Daughter: Expectations vs. Reality

I don’t know about you but empty nest syndrome is real. I’m lucky, I still have one child at home but she’s already seventeen and beginning to apply to colleges. That leaves one year of high school and if I’m lucky two summers, but who’s counting? It feels like one second you’re bringing a bundle of joy home from the hospital, the next minute they’re waving goodbye from another state. 


Today I was lucky enough to spend the day shopping, eating and gossiping with Cameron, my seventeen-year-old. We pulled up to the best shopping mall ever, (South Park), and got caught on the Nordstrom sale rack. Of course, we stopped and two Hydra Flasks and a pair of white boots later, we were off to the food court. I tried to be good, but the Chinese place was calling my name. I barely had any rice and had string beans with my chicken, so don’t @ me! 


There were several triumphs if I do say so myself and albeit they may be costly mistakes, my girl FINALLY embraced Lilly! That’s right, after years of this beautiful addiction, I now have a partner in Lilly Pulitzer crime! Yes, $250 later, we both have something new to wear tomorrow. I may have created a monster, I saw her eyeing my new Terri Cashmere Wrap and trying it on when she thought I wasn’t looking. Cameron has since announced she wants the same one. 


Morphe is always a blast for young adults and let’s face it, anyone who loves makeup. I like watching her try to decide between palates, especially when it’s not her money and she’s limited. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It’s amazing how many fun YouTubers have their own lines and appeal to the kiddos. I also have super sensitive skin, I’m literally allergic to everything and I can wear a lot of their makeup so it’s a win! 


On the way out of the mall, I made her go into Reid’s with me, which is one of my favorite gourmet markets. The last time I took Cameron, she was dying to get out of there. I could hang out there for hours looking at cheeses, wines, prepared foods, steaks, and desserts. THIS time, she found her own set of goods, like homemade salsa and Reid’s tortilla chips. I felt vindicated but also somewhat sad. My baby is growing up! She now likes my GROWN-UP things!!


At the end of the day, it’s best to take advantage of any time your teen wants to spend with you. Friends tend to come first, then binge-watching a show on Netflix and then if you’re lucky, they may want to go for pizza or something else that’s fast. Now if there’s a boyfriend or girlfriend involved, good luck to you! Are any other moms out there feeling a little down and out? Comment below! Maybe we can start a book club or something? 

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