10 Ways to Blow Your Fashion Budget: My Fall Wish List

Hermes Oran Slide Sandal

I know, I know. Summer is basically over but I think of these shoes as an investment piece. Unfortunately, they’re over 600.00 but maybe I’ll come into some extra money to burn. I settled for a pair of Sam Edelman’s, which I’m actually very pleased with. They’re not a complete knock off, but they’re comfortable and adorable and get the job done.

Christian Dior Book Tote

I’ve been talking about this bag all year and have not been this excited since the Birkin Bag came to The RealReal! What I love about it is it’s a lighter, canvas tote that can switch between the seasons and is fun AF! The only part that’s not fun is the 3000.00 price tag. I haven’t found a substitute and probably won’t. Some designer duds have to be the real thing.

Louis Vuitton Wrap/Shawl

I’m definitely channeling my mother and grandmother, because it is after all…July. But, I’m jonesing for a wrap to take to the movies, on a flight, or anywhere I need to feel warm and cozy, but still look fashionable and not like I’m wearing some schmata from my great-grandmother’s shtetl.

Dior Bucket Hat

A Fall Must Have! I love the gender-fluid style of this hat, especially in plaid or animal print. This hat will be all over Insta and other social media platforms as we move into the colder months. One can literally style this hat with a ball gown and add lace or with a motorcycle jacket and jeans. Yes, girl, yes.

The Chelsea Heritage Burberry Trench

A traditional staple piece, which can be worn in the rain or on a crisp fall day. This jacket is timeless, you will have this coat forever and will be thrilled you pulled the trigger. Fun fact, I already bought one for fall and it’s burning a hole in my closet as I await the cool weather.

Isabel Marant Zebra Stripe Midi Skirt

I’m obsessed with animal prints and midi and maxi length dresses/skirts. This skirt is so soft and dreamy; I want to wear it to bed. The 800+ price tag for the skirt will not allow me to, I guess.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pointed Bootie

I love a great bootie. You can pair them with just about anything from jeans to a skirt. A bootie has a great way of winterizing a Spring dress. I love this particular boot because of the lower heel and sexy toe. Will the shoes have a time limit? Probably. My feet are already so messed up, why not cram them into a hot boot. I’ll just size up.

Vince Wide Leg Draw String Pants

I envision strutting through the airport with these adorable, flowy and comfy pants. My daughter would probably call them “Mom Jeans”, although they’re not jeans and are not as high-waisted. I think these are even great for dress-down Friday with a tiny shirt and cardigan.

Lilly Pulitzer Karlie Wrap Romper

Those who follow my blog already know I could not complete a list without a piece from Lilly. I’m drooling for this romper, so it may HAVE to happen. First of all, it’s practically winterized with a quarter sleeve. Throw on a bootie (remember those?) and you’re there! This item won’t break the bank luckily and what I love about Lilly is, the cuts are flattering for women of all sizes.

Madewell Jeans

The ones I plan to pick up ASAP are actually in the Nordy sale and are reduced almost in half! It’s the Raw-Hem Skinny Jean and they literally look good with everything! Oversized cardi? Check! High Boot? Check! Bootie? Check! Boho Chic Top? Check. You can’t lose on this purchase. Honestly, I really enjoy this brand, their clothes are soft and never weave in an out of style.

What are you go-to pieces this Fall? Share the wealth! Comment below.

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