I Posh, Therefore I Am.

Why do I Posh? I started as a buyer. I was on a mission having followed a really cool blogger, who wore a pair of Vince “Bogart” flats all over Europe. She raved so much, I HAD to find myself a pair. That was my first experience on Poshmark. After my third purchase (a pair of Golden Goose sneakers), I realized I too could sell on Posh. Buying and selling on Posh helped me solve two big issues. My love of shopping and my love of sales, which gives me money to shop. It’s the Circle of Life!

I began to get involved and follow other Poshers on social media. I started to have fun waiting to see how fast an item could sell. My original pictures were darkish and I made a lot of mistakes. As I followed other Poshers, I asked for advice, copied their ideas and hoped for the best. I began to build up more of a following and made it my mission to become an Ambassador.

Honestly, I sell in order to buy. Poshmark has helped me let go of some “hot ticket” items, which have literally been collecting dust and buy something that’s new to me. I was dying for a Louis Vuitton, Neverfull. I sold one Louis and able to buy my Neverfull. Now, I can buy and enjoy a bag as long as I want to. I can then turn around and sell it back. How amazing is that?

My favorite deal was my Alex and Ani NYC Token Bracelet. I’d been searching for this childhood relic; a reminder of riding the subway as a kid in New York, (when the subway was only .50), for ages. I snapped this up on a two for twenty sale and I am thrilled to this day. It’s the little things in life, which are significant and this stackable bracelet just makes me smile.

I suggest you give Poshmark a whirl. Closet clean out is a way to earn money on items you may not want or need anymore. You may be sitting on a highly coveted item, but you won’t know it until you set up an account and start selling.

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F**k You, Burberry.

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Put the FAKE BAG down!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with fake designer bags. I’ve always been superficial (I’ll admit it). Even if I had the best looking designer imposter, (one even an expert would have to scrutinize), I would still know. I would not be able to strut around as confidently if my Gucci “G’s” were upside down. I watched […]

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Why The Ugly Truth Will Set You Free

When Target introduced their designer lines for Target (i.e. Lilly Pulitzer for Target), I should have been excited. I love designer clothes and handbags; I love Target but…. Designers for Target? In my mind, these are two great things that should never be paired. In the 80’s, Jordache Jeans were hot commodities. If you weren’t […]

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My Top 5 Designer Handbag Picks for 2019

I know, I know, it’s after Christmas and eons after Chanukah. My birthday has passed and the only thing left this year is a possible Valentine’s Day token, since I can’t really ask for a Passover gift. Call me a monster, call me shallow but I’m getting my list together…just in case my husband wants […]

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The Lack of Diversity in the Influencer Market

Happy New Year! I took a little family vacation and was literally killed the first three weeks of December, trying to meet a sales goal at work. You’re probably thinking, but I thought she’s a high school principal? I am, but that’s another blog post all together. This evening I’m here to talk about something […]

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Why Black Friday Let Me Down

Can someone please tell me what happened to Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I already have a big screen TV, a computer and a cell phone, so what did I have to gain? Did I miss something? My daughter and I hit the mall, with promises of major deals. Yes, the Gap and Old Navy […]

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4 Bag Trends You May Want to Avoid

Have I mentioned that I’m going to be 50 in a few weeks? Once or twice? Oh, I wasn’t sure. The latest handbag trends have me feeling every ounce of my age. I like a good solid fad, I’ve even succumbed to a few (see article on Swatch watches). I wore the tightest Jordache Jeans […]

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