A Day in the Life of a Social Media Queen.

You wake up in the morning and check your Instagram immediately…

Only to find out you’ve been Unfollowed by someone you make comments to religiously even though you’re really lying about how clever and cute they are…

You only have 37 Likes on a post you know is killer, and some girl from with a dimly lit picture and a poorly coordinated outfit has 1737 Likes and is told how gorgeous she is despite the horrible broken front tooth and bad lipstick…

Your daughter (who knows EVERYTHING), tells you you’re posting too much and you should only post once a month if you want people to care…

But then you find out you’re on a ban, for who knows how long for some vague Instagram rule, you know nothing about….

You finally get your IG back only to find out the Giveaway you participated in, is a BIG bust and not only is the host who was in charge of the giveaway 13, but now her mom is pissed because the group is “bullying her” …

You have to do actual work at some point during the day, but you can’t resist checking your IG to discover someone called your great outfit, “MOM JEANS” ….

You start hyperventilating, you thought you were cooler than that…

Eventually you find yourself with a stiff glass of wine, working on your blog, for all of ten people who follow you…

You spend another 80 bucks on a course that swears it will help you with blog traffic. It’s your ninth class, but THIS ONE promises to deliver…

You tumble into bed, who knew social media would turn into a full time job?

What No One Will Tell You About Education

The struggle for happiness is something I have coped with for the last few years. If you can believe it, this issue has nothing to do with my Fibromyalgia. It’s about being disillusioned by my current career and the turn education has taken. I know, I know, first world problems, right? I’m not hungry, my […]

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7 Mind blowing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Okay guys, we’re coming up on a very important gift giving holiday. It’s called Valentine’s Day. Now some of you may say, “We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore, we’ve been together for years.” Well, I’m here to tell you, even if you’ve been married for a week or thirty years, a romantic holiday should […]

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A Brutally Honest Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, Teachers and staff do not want to call you and report negative information about your student unless they have literally and figuratively tried everything to work with your child. When a teacher calls you, they expect your full support, not an argument or justification on why it’s okay to hit another student or […]

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My Top 5 Designer Handbag Picks for 2019

I know, I know, it’s after Christmas and eons after Chanukah. My birthday has passed and the only thing left this year is a possible Valentine’s Day token, since I can’t really ask for a Passover gift. Call me a monster, call me shallow but I’m getting my list together…just in case my husband wants […]

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Help! My Body Has Betrayed Me!

Have you ever felt like your body is betraying you? I know I have just turned fifty (have you heard?), but my body began doing things on its own around thirty-five. I’ve had five kids; I shouldn’t complain but the first four times I bounced back pretty easily. I ate what I wanted, although I […]

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What People Won’t Tell You About Loneliness

The holidays can be a very lonely time. At school, students often act out. I learned throughout the years, that most teens aren’t going to tell you they’re sad. For adults, it can be the same issue. People don’t like to admit they’re upset. There’s the single mom or dad who has to send his […]

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10 Secret Santa Gifts That Will Make You the Hero

Secret Santa. You love it or you hate it. There’s usually a spending limit (around the $10 or $15), so the gifts are a fair exchange. Without the cap, there’s always that person who buys the pathetically unimaginative, and somewhat sad, Starbucks gift card. The person who ultimately receives the gift card doesn’t drink coffee […]

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