Dear Parents of The New Norm

Dear Parents of the New Norm,

Well, this is an interesting change of events. It seems the tables have turned and you’re now getting a taste of what it’s like to teach children who are not always in the mood to learn, tired, cranky or confused. Welcome to our world. Teaching is not an easy profession and in my opinion, it’s often a calling. When I’m at school, the first question that’s often thrown out by a student who’s not very happy to be there at 7:30 am is, “What are we doing today,” or “Do we have to do anything?” Yup. Are you surprised? Times have changed, folks! I never would have dreamed of saying that to a teacher years ago, but I’m also 51. 


It’s difficult to teach in the regular world but since the outbreak of Covid-19, I’ve heard complaints about too much work, too little work, not following IEP’s, parents are not getting paid to do OUR jobs. I don’t remember asking for a stipend the last time I fed your child, let her cry on my shoulder, gave her encouragement, let her sleep when she came into school sick or money for the vending machine. Parents need to settle down. I can guarantee you as a parent and teacher I’m on the side of my student. I want my students to succeed. I’m going to do my best to help. If I need to amend an assignment to accommodate an IEP I will certainly do my best, from what I have to work with. 

One thing I can say is the digital divide has been uncovered. The number of households without the internet or working computers is much higher than you think. I have heard of families of seven sharing a computer, of course, it’s going to get frustrating and seem like there is tons of work, if your child only has an hour to work on sometimes up to seven classes. There are parents who need their computer to do work ALL DAY, and the kids get the computer at night. That makes it difficult for students to jump on Zoom or Google Meet for a live class. I get it, but it’s all a matter of communication. Before parents yell at the principal, talk to the teacher, trust me he or she will make any allowance you need. My daughter’s school handed out Chromebooks and hotspots. Ask your child’s school how they can help. Shout out to @Comporium for gifting 60-days of FREE INTERNET to students.

At the end of the day, I get the panic mode, but things are not going to get easier if we blame teachers for issues that are out of our control. We’re also parents working from home with young children, trying to manage. Have some compassion and patience, we will get through this trying time if we all work together.

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