The Ugly Truth About Jussie Smollett

Okay, I’ll say it…Dang, Jussie! You let us all down. I hope we’re all wrong and of course we should let due process take its course, but Dang, Jussie!

I’ll admit, I was and I’m still team Jussie. I love the entire Smollett family. The cookbook is dynamite, and the family for what it’s worth is adorable. All hard workers, who came from middle America and rose to fame in one way or another. Unfortunately, all of their careers may now be in jeopardy.

First, the claim began with a hate crime. MAGA hat wearing thugs, who tied a noose around Jussie’s neck and poured some kind of white substance on him, beating him and yelling racial and gay epithets on a Chicago street. We all took to Twitter like an angry mob, ready to rally behind Jussie, pointing a finger and saying, “See, Trump’s hatred and divisiveness in this country has gone too far!” We tried and convicted these hoodlums on social media, cried while watching a shaken Jussie speak to Robin Roberts and were ready to take to the streets in the name of the Rainbow Coalition.

However, things began to unravel. I thought the attackers were white! Sorry, I did. But the two men arrested were black…wearing MAGA hats? Hold on. Do MAGA lovers even watch Empire? This story was beginning to grow tentacles. The two brothers then confessed they were paid to go along with this stunt and are then released by the police! Jussie in fact knows the attackers and one was even on the show? Videos are shown of the two men buying MAGA hats and gear and suddenly the whole story is turned around. Dang, Jussie!

Here’s something you probably never thought of. Why would Jussie perform such a heinous stunt? And, here’s why I’m empathetic instead of ready to jump on the bash Jussie bandwagon. I’m fifty years old now, and been through a lot. I think I get some things now, that I would not have understood years ago. Let’s go back in time. I was in my car, listening to Howard Stern. Kyra Sedgwick, who’s married to Kevin Bacon was on. Yes, Kevin Bacon, who was also a victim of Bernie Madoff. Kyra spoke so honestly and openly on the life of an actor. Sure it’s glamorous…when you’re working. She spoke of jumping up and down giggling, and celebrating when she or Kevin got a part in a movie or TV. There are no guarantees when you’re an actor. Your days can be numbered. You live this BIG life and then suddenly you are box office poison. How many times have you asked yourself, what happened to him or her? When’s the last time I saw (insert name), in a movie, or anything for that matter?

My point is being an actor is good when it’s good. Did you ever lose a job and wonder if you’ll ever get another one? I’m speculating but I did notice that one of the brothers (on Empire), was about to get cut from Empire. Clearly Jussie thought it was him. The need to stay relevant is fierce. I believe he though there was a possibility the network or writers may pity him and keep him on the show. Or at least he would remain a talking point, as he traveled the syndicate speaking to hate crimes and possibly a book deal. As my grandmother used to say, “He’s more to be pitied than scorned.” Life has gotten very difficult and competitive. The need to stay on top and earn a big living is real. Before you lock him up and throw away the key, think about what I just said, but Dang, Jussie.

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