Anyone Else Off The Wagon?

I confess, I’m off the wagon right now. I can feel my stomach getting ripe and juicy and I want to cry but in some ways I really don’t care. It’s the holidays, and I know it’s not an excuse but my mother-in-law just made homemade chocolate candies, stuffed with creamy peanut butter. Yes, not almond butter, not sunflower seed butter but the real kind, I’m not supposed to eat. I can honestly say, I ate Chinese food and had stomach issues for two days but somehow I’m still going strong!

We are headed to New York in a couple of weeks and who wants to watch their diet in the Big Apple? Half the reason for going is to eat non-cauliflower crust pizza, dirty dogs with buns and other New York staples. I don’t know if my shoulder injury contributed to this condition but don’t worry, I won’t let you down. I will be back to my juicing, and gluten free self after the New Year. I challenge anyone to get through this holiday without a few cheat meals.

As you know, I’m finally able to do yoga again, although I’m still in maintenance for my left arm. For me, doing yoga somehow goes hand in hand with eating well and feeling good. My daughter just started doing yoga with me in the morning and she asked if we’re bringing our yoga mats to NYC and I was like, “Hell yes!” So fam, you haven’t completely lost me! I just want to make sure you don’t freak out if you see a post of me eating an ooey gooey piece of pizza. That’s why, I’m outing myself now because, “Who ‘gon check me boo?”

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