14 Insanely Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you-as a badass bitch need some sort of very cool gift from your significant other or hell, why not gift yourself? Who says you can’t be your own Valentine? In fact, I encourage it! I have created a list of fabulous gifts, which may help you in a pinch, when bae asks what do you want for the big 14?

Let’s face it, a box of candy is alright, and flowers are beautiful but those are accoutrements! Chocolate from Godiva, with a map so you don’t have to bite into a chocolate filled with orange is fun as hell but like I said, that’s a side item. So let’s jump in:

  • A pink pair of funky and chunky futuristic sneakers! Comfort and fun all in one!
  • Let’s take it back to old school! Valentine’s Stan Smith’s, can you go wrong?
  • A popular Foodie subscription, so no one has to worry about what’s for dinner.
  • And speaking of Foodie, the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker/ Air Fryer is a dream come true, for those of us addicted to our Instant Pots and Air Fryers.
  • Literally to coolest flip flop on the street, at an affordable 150.00.
  • Would I be me if I didn’t suggest ANY item from Lilly Pulitzer? Gift cards work too!
  • The Regal Unlimited Movie Pass for avid movie goers. Go once, go twice, see a movie everyday! Who cares, it’s all paid for and a discount at the goodie counter to boot!
  • A phone upgrade. Either treat yourself or let hubby take you over to T-mobile and get rid of that iPhone 6 for Pete’s sake! 
  • A subscription box, which can have all kinds of amazing items in it, depending on your taste.
  • A beautiful and cozy cardigan. Kind of like…Barefoot Dreams…hint…hint..
My sister-in-law MAKES THESE!! WHAT WHAT????
  • Something monogrammed. I don’t know about you but I LOVE MONOGRAM. It’s personal and thoughtful.
  • A Cartier Love Bracelet, classic and light. As Cartier says, “How far would you go for love?”
  • I’m wrong for this, but a French Bulldog. My Frenchie is my baby, and I challenge any dog lover not to fall in love with this amazing breed.
  • A beautiful, red small shoulder or crossbody bag. Gucci works!

Feel free to just print out this post and hand it to your honey! Have any other cool ideas to add? Drop a comment! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image Credits: Vans

Image Credit: Fruition

Image Credit: Barefoot Dreams

Image Credit: Ninja

Image Credit: Cartier

Image Credit: Gucci/Saks

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: lillypulitzer.com

Image Credit: bookofthemonth.com


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