Mom, Dad, You Need to Take a Chill Pill

So Instafam…I’m trying to figure out if it’s worse to be a helicopter parent who is so involved in a student’s life, that he or she is sending threatening letters to guidance counselors, teachers and principals? Or the kind of parent who screams at school employees when their child only spits on a staff member and was suspended?

Honestly, it’s a tough call at this point. Who would have ever thought parental abuse had a “worse” or “worser” connotation?

Take the situation at Sidwell Friends. Yes, the same school Chelsea Clinton, the Obama girls, Tricia Nixon and Archibald Roosevelt attended. Of course you can’t expect anything less than a perfect education for a Presidential offspring but it’s supposed to be a Quaker school for pete’s sake! Aren’t Quaker values about simplicity, group meetings and community, peace and unity? So why the heck are parents acting a fool, terrorizing college counselors, sabotaging students who are academic threats to their student and unlawfully recording conversations in the name of an Ivy League destination for their child?

The dysfunction that’s overtaking parents of the 21st century is out of control. Parents are paying for high SAT scores (illegally), and pretending to not understand what they did wrong. Calling from blocked numbers and bots to harass school counselors when they don’t get what they want, showing up without appointments to threaten school staff with lawsuits and essentially crying on social media outlets when they don’t get what they want. Who ARE YOU?? When I was applying to college, parents understood that for the most part, acceptance to prestigious universities hinged on hard work and decent test scores. If you didn’t get into your top choice, you went for your second choice. It was that simple.

As a society we have allowed parents way too much autonomy in the school house. Parents have no right to barge into school, making demands unless something egregious has happened. If your child is not performing at 100%, they won’t be accepted into a college which requires 100%. Are we clear?Would you like a teacher to show up at your job, screaming and yelling about how disrespectful your child has been today? No? I though so. Schools need to stop allowing parents to control everything and allow educators to educate properly. What’s your view on the topic? Comment below or hit me up on IG! Need a laugh, check out the video!

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