Are “LIKES” Affecting Your Life?

I’ll say it! Does someone out there know something I don’t know? What is up with the “LIKE” game? Have you ever noticed there are some people out there who get literally 8,000 LIKES for a post that’s grainy AF and dark? Or, no offense but a post of the most heinous looking person will get 32,000 LIKES and comments about how beautiful they are?

You post a picture of yourself winning Miss USA and you get 10 LIKES? What is going on? Somebody spill the beans!! My daughter says they’re buying LIKES. Who wants to do that? Everyone can’t have the money to spend on bots and services! Also aren’t people afraid of the infamous SHADOW BAN?

I have heard whispers of a new algorithm within Instagram, but how do we know that’s true? Are we comforting ourselves with some sort of made up urban legend, or has someone from the inside confirmed? I’ve witnessed a person document feeding the homeless at a food bank get 100 LIKES and another person get 500 LIKES for a posting their 20th picture of the baby’s birthday party! WE BEEN SAW THOSE!!!! I think I need help, because while I know I should not be consumed by this I am.

I understand you have to give love to get love, which I why I try to comment often and daily and have joined groups, in which we work to support each other and build a following. However, I was EXCOMMUNICATED from one of my favorite groups for not following ALL of the administrators. Clearly this wasn’t on purpose. Why would I follow five admins and not six? I didn’t realize there was a warning in the group, I thought warnings come via the bot, where missed engagements are recorded. NOPE. I’m OUT like yesterday’s trash. I’m sorry, isn’t this a bit much? I even tried to speak with the admin, and admitted it was clearly an oversight. NOPE. I’m OUT. What is this, The Hunger Games?

Mistakes are punished with banishment and social media death? Sheesh. Welcome to the Jungle. If you’re in on the game, let me know! I’m trying to get this hustle going! Comment and let me know your experience on IG.

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Queen.

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