Is Your Job Getting in the Way of Your Social Media?

This is a serious first world problem, but I feel like my blog is suffering since I went back to work. I’m a teacher and spent the entire summer with a beautiful schedule of posting, writing on Sunday and leisurely scrolling through and commenting on fellow bloggers posts. I enjoyed the active membership within Facebook groups, where I was a daily contributor. I had time to really fine tune my images on Snapseed and I never posted a picture where I looked bloated, hairy or discombobulated…but now. I’m a hot mess.

I get that most people are working over the summer, sometimes two and three jobs and manage to post on the reg. I’m sorry but I’m not exactly twenty. I have over 16,000 followers I’m trying to maintain, as well as posting consistently on my Facebook business page and Pinterest. It’s like having a second job you really enjoy but don’t actually get paid for. I promised myself this would be the year I really worked on monetizing my blog.

What had happened was…

I really don’t have an excuse, but my multitasking is not what it used to be. My attempt to get back on track has been interesting.

At this point I’m trying to post on Instagram at least three times a week and begin stacking up my Tailwind account again. I have to say, I miss my social media family. These were people I could relate to, bitch to and learn things from. What’s your secret? Are you carving out time during the day to tend to your accounts? Are we really any different from the novelist who has to write before and after work? Am I just whining like a little baby? Tell me your thoughts and how you’re essentially working a second job? I doubt I’m the only one interested!

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