To Re-Brand or NOT to Re-Brand, it’s not an easy question

So. I’ve been struggling lately, and I think I’ve been in some sort of denial. I’ve been contemplating a re-branding! The issue? I love talking about fashion, recipes, wellness and family. Unfortunately, by not narrowing my content down, I’m won’t get the kind of following and hits I need to get my blog off of the ground.

After listening to a few “experts” on how to explode onto the blog scene, (I’m slithering in at a snail’s pace), and if my mom doesn’t read my post and comment, I may not have any views! Yes, I’m being real here. You’ve heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well, when you head over to a blog, you’re looking to learn something, get advice or connect. If the content is all over the place, you’re just going to keep it moving. In short, if you search for a blog on Natural Hair or Traveling, you won’t see anything about computers or tie-dying. Now don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers has podcast recommendations on her site, which I read and followed. However, she is a seasoned blogger, with over a 100k followers on Instagram, and she can do whatever she wants. I am not in that position.

With the explosion of bloggers there’s a need to stay within one’s niche. Right now, the opportunity is wide open for people of color, like me. Although there’s an opening there still has to be a focus. There has to be interesting content people will want to follow, and it’s not easy! So for now, you will begin to see some changes on my site, and I hope it will be more effective and audience driven. Please share your thoughts and comment below.